The Brazilian Senate has garnered the most votes for the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff

Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff will be removed from office — the majority of the members of the Senate have already called for the beginning of procedure of impeachment. In order to suspend its mandate for six months and to launch a parliamentary investigation into her activities as President requires a simple majority of votes — during the debate, which started almost a day ago, 42 of the 81 members of the house voted for impeachment.

Rousseff is accused of violating the budgetary discipline, which allowed to cover holes in the budget at the expense of loans from state-controlled banks. In fact, her government borrowed itself to the presidential elections of 2014, where the President was re-elected for a second term, to submit to the voters embellished economic statistics.

The vote on the question of impeachment will take place early Thursday morning, about 6 o’clock in the morning (in Moscow already is noon) — in the debate decided to take part in almost the whole chamber, on the list of speakers 71 Senator, everyone is given 15 minutes to present his argument. Most of which supported the impeachment said that they do it “in the name of God”, “in the name of his family” or “in the name of the country”.

After the decision to dismiss Rousseff technically will be decorated, the powers of the President pass to Vice-President Michele the Temer. Once an ally of Rousseff, representing the Party of the Brazilian democratic movement, he twice, in 2010 and 2014, was elected in a pair with her. Now Rousseff accuses him of plotting to seize power.

Rousseff will be ousted until November, by this time, the parliamentary Commission must decide was whether the President violated the law. If the answer is Yes, Rousseff will have 20 days to present their arguments, followed by a final vote on removing her from office. This would require a two-thirds vote of the senators.

While the senators at the microphone, alternately advocated the resignation of the President, in front of the Senate rallied several thousand supporters. The police tried to disperse demonstrators with tear gas, one person was arrested on the spot for incitement to riot.

Rousseff is actually conceded defeat — Brazilian media report that she ordered to move their personal belongings from the presidential office in the Palace of Planalto in the private presidential residence, the Alvorada Palace, and ordered to put additional strengthening of the police at the exit of the Planalto. According to Reuters, the President also met with his Ministers, urging them to leave on Thursday to resign, to leave Tamara without an effective government.

Bloomberg notes that investors are positive — with the beginning of the year, when it was formally launched impeachment proceedings, the Brazilian stock indexes began to grow in anticipation of the coming to power of Tamera, who is considered friendly to business candidate. In the event of his assumption of the presidential position, it is expected that as Finance Minister he appointed the former Chairman of the Central Bank of Brazil Henrique Meirelles, who has the support of investors, the Agency reports.