The NATO Secretary General explained neopost missile defense system in Romania to Russia “geography”

“The system also does not pose any threat to the strategic nuclear deterrent of Russia. Geography and physics make it impossible for NATO to shoot down Russian Intercontinental ballistic missiles,” — said Stoltenberg, according to the website of the Alliance.

The head of the Alliance said that NATO will continue to engage in dialogue with Russia. “And now, in conditions of high tension, maintaining channels of open communication is becoming increasingly important,” — said Stoltenberg. “At the same time NATO will continue to strengthen our defenses to protect allies from any threat, including ballistic missiles,” — he added.

Thursday, the U.S. open in Romania the first in Eastern Europe a ground base missile defense. In Washington claim that it is designed to intercept ballistic missiles launched from Iran and North Korea. “The missile defense system the U.S. and NATO are focused on the threat of ballistic missiles deployed outside the Euro-Atlantic region”, — said the assistant of the American Secretary of state Frank rose (quoted by Deutsche Welle).

In late March, the Pentagon announced that it plans to expand military presence in Eastern Europe in February 2017. Then it became known about the plans of the Alliance to place third anti-tank brigade, which will consist of 4,2 thousand soldiers. This decision in Washington, explained the need to deter “Russian aggression”.