The Polish defense Ministry has accused the former government of concealing facts about Tu-154M

Speaking to the Polish Sejm on Wednesday, 11 may, the Minister of defence of Poland Anthony Macierewicz, said that the former government of Poland hid “the true causes and course of events during the disaster of the Tu-154M near Smolensk, which killed President Lech Kaczynski, the Polish Agency PAP.

Macierewicz, stressed that the government “hid key documents, including the last phases of flight Tu-154M and “misinformed society.” According to the Minister, the military intelligence and counterintelligence has not undertaken any analysis of the information available about the crash near Smolensk.

“They provided the Prosecutor’s office to verify the data, but so that it was impossible to understand their true value and real content, they withheld key documents, including those related to the trajectory of the Tu-154 in the last phase of the flight,” Said Macierewicz.

“The service has taken an active part in the falsification and concealing information,” he said, noting that the investigation of the Smolensk disaster the Prosecutor’s office also requires a separate analysis. According to him, were “forged dozens of certificates of access to classified information”.

The Tu-154, on Board of which was the Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife, as well as representatives of the military high command and senior officials, crashed on 10 April 2010 near Smolensk. The crash killed 96 people. According to the report of Interstate aviation Committee (IAC), the cause of the disaster became the incorrect actions of the crew.

Earlier, the head of the defense Ministry, Macierewicz stated that the government of Donald Tusk, the report on the Smolensk plane crash was rigged. He claimed that Tusk, who is now the President of the European Council, “should be brought before the State Tribunal.” Macierewicz, also claimed that Poland allows for the possibility to appeal to NATO allies to assist in the case of the transfer of the wreckage of Tu-154M.

In the middle of March 2016, Makarevich called the crash of the presidential plane a terror attack aimed at to deprive Poland of people who “led the country to independence”.

In late March, the Ministry of justice of Poland has created a new Commission to investigate all circumstances of the incident. The President of the Katyn Committee Andrzej Melak, the brother who was killed in the crash, said preliminary investigation did not meet international standards.