The state Department has ruled out the ability of missile defense in Europe to undermine Russia’s potential

During the official meeting with the Romanian representatives in the run-up to the opening ceremony of the Aegis missile system in Romania, Deputy assistant Secretary of state for defence policy Fran rose, said that the concerns of Russia in connection with the placement of American missile defense is not unfounded.

“Russia has repeatedly expressed concern that U.S. missile defense and NATO is directed against Russia and is a threat to its strategic nuclear deterrence. Nothing could be further from the truth,” said rose.

According to him, the US and NATO have made it clear that the missile defence system is not able to undermine the strategic potential of Russia and not intended for this.

“U.S. missile defense and NATO aimed against ballistic missiles outside the Euro-Atlantic region. NATO and the US is explained by Russia many times for many years”, — concluded the spokesman.

Earlier, in the autumn of 2015, President Vladimir Putin said that after the deal on Iran’s nuclear program a major threat, which served as a pretext for developing missile defense in Europe, disappeared. “However, we know that the situation with the Iranian nuclear problem is resolved, the relevant agreements have been signed, moreover, approved by the relevant parliaments. Work on the missile defense systems still continues”, — said the President. He accused the West of trying to undermine the established parity in nuclear weapons, “and essentially undermine the whole system of global and regional stability”.

At the end of October, the US and its NATO allies conducted the first test of the marine component of the missile defense system in Europe. They passed near the coast of Scotland. The exercise was attended by the destroyer Ross, are equipped with information and control system Aegis, anti-aircraft missiles, cruise missiles “Tomahawk” and anti-submarine missiles. The Kremlin promised to go the other way and avoiding the high costs to give a cheap and effective answer.