Berlin suspected Russia of involvement in a cyber attack on the Bundestag

For penetration of hackers into computer networks of the Bundestag, probably, stood the Russian security services, said the head of the Federal service for the protection of the Constitution (BfV) Hans-Georg Maassen. The head of Department, performing in Germany, the functions of counter-intelligence, confirmed that the hacking was carried out a hacker group, known as Sofacy.

Have BfV there is reason to believe that hackers, for which counter-intelligence, watched for many years, acting at the direction of the Russian authorities, Reuters cites the statement reads.

According to Maassen, the recent Russian security services have demonstrated a willingness to commit acts of sabotage, whereas previously it was limited to gathering information and espionage.

Hacking into computer systems of the Bundestag was recorded in may 2015. In the result, the intranet had to unplug for a few days. Hackers managed to gain access to internal documents of the Bundestag, but the extent of their privacy was not specified.

In January 2016, the German newspaper Der Spiegel wrote, citing its sources reports that a German intelligence is inclined to the version about the involvement in the hacking of the Bundestag of the Russian military intelligence (GRU). The interlocutor of the edition said that hackers from Sofacy acted in the same manner, what was witnessed in case of other similar incidents.

In March of this year BfV has warned that Sofacy preparing a large-scale cyber attacks on businesses in the energy industry of Germany.