Moscow one lot and sell 10% of the retail space underground

Moscow authorities are preparing to auction off the right to trade in the underground passages belonging to GUP “Moscow metro”. 74 from the open auction is scheduled for may 18 (Friday was closed acceptance of applications), the winners will be concluded contracts for 5 years, follows from the competitive documentation on the unified information investment portal of Moscow. For trading objects with a total area of almost 2.7 thousand square meters. m, but about 40% of these areas (1060 sq. m.) planned to award a single lot, can be seen from the materials to the trades. This lot includes stalls ranging from 13,3 sq. m to 183.9 square meters in 17 metro stations. Initial rent — 8 million rbl., the Deposit (25% of the rent for 5 years) — more than 120 million rubles. Given that the metro now has about 10 thousand sq. m of commercial space in underground passages and metro stations, a single lot covers about 10% of all available space.

This lot will get a large buyer, it follows from the answer of the representative of the Moscow transport Department to the question about the reasons for bringing such a number of trading objects for sale. “The lots thus formed to attract to bid as small businesses, and medium and large enterprises, providing entrepreneurs with equal opportunities for doing business”, — said the representative of the Department. This lot focuses on the trade network — all the stalls are located in different underground passages, a source in the subway.

Earlier this feature of the upcoming auction drew the attention of the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist party Valery Rashkin. He suspected that by results of trades the Moscow authorities can create a structure-monopoly, which will take the redeemed of the area small business and get a rent. Rashkin appealed to the Prosecutor General and to the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, said the representative of the Deputy. “A mediator is not objectively necessary to the city, which can directly pass the commercial premises in rent real entrepreneurs”, — said Rashkin in inquiry. Communist demands to check the legality of trading and protect the rights of their members.

In the Department of transport appeal Rashkin were reported, said the representative office. The suspicions of the Deputy, he rejected. “At the end of trading GUP “Moscow metro” directly, without intermediaries will enter into with legal entities long-term contracts”, — assured the interlocutor . The possibility of transfer of commercial properties to third parties at the auction winners will not, he said. “This approach will allow you to maintain the interests of subjects of small and average business, more effectively to carry out the control over observance of legislative requirements when trading in the subway and provide Muscovites with quality retail services,” — believe in the Department of transportation. All competitive procedures for the rental of retail space in the crossings are conducted openly and in strict accordance with the law, in the interests of the government of Moscow is to provide Muscovites-passengers of public transport quality of the associated services, he added .

System, the return to which fears Rashkin, first existed: most tenants of commercial space from management companies, perestavaya the kiosks to the merchants. “The business was simple: they rented space for a ruble and handed over for five — the difference might have lived,” — said the first Deputy head of Moscow metro Yuri Degtyarev. The management company leased from the subway kiosks at an average rate of 10 500 RUB. per 1 sq. m., and retake the entrepreneurs at rates ranging from 28 thousand to 41 thousand rbl. for 1 sq. m.

In the spring of 2015 the Metropolitan began to terminate lease agreements. Recent stalls in the underground passages closed on 1 April 2016. In 2015-2016 have been dismantled, thousands of shopping sections; the job has lost a large number of entrepreneurs, employees who worked in this area, noted in his address Rashkin. The leadership of the Moscow metro and the Moscow transport Department pointed out that after the reconstruction of the transitions, the entrepreneurs will be offered a new shopping place, the lease of which will be provided by results of the auctions, recalls the MP.

But after the reconstruction Publicznych transitions metro reduced the number of commercial space by 30%. The reduction in retail space is due to the elimination of trade at stations with large passenger volumes, said the head of the Moscow metro Dmitry Pegov. The initial rental rate at the auction of the subway is 6.5 thousand rubles. per 1 sq. m.

The Moscow metro has a bad experience with direct contracts with the tenants of shopping premises. Previously an underground gallery of the station “Novokosino” was a pilot project for the reform of trade in metro. Seven stores it in the fall of 2014 were auctioned and passed to OOO “Vanechka”, owned by top managers of the Ginza Project. The main owner of the company “Ivanko” and the General Director of the Ginza Project Alexey Volkov has admitted that the firm considered the possibility of putting objects into the sublease, but refused when it became clear that it is a violation of the contract with metro. In the end, from the point of view of economy, the project fell short of estimates, and the underground after the failure of the experiment has reduced the rate of rent to future tenants in Novokosino, wrote in the investigation of street trade in Moscow.