Putin promised to “arrest threat” from the US missile defense system in Romania

Russia is forced to think about how to stop threats to national security from the deployment in Europe of missile defence system (BMD) NATO. This was at a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of defense and the defense industry, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, reports TASS.

“Now, after the placement of missile defense elements [of NATO in Europe], we will have to think about how to respond to threats against security of the Russian Federation”, — Putin said at the meeting.

According to him, the entry in Romania of the radar station (radar) complicates the international situation around Russia. “Recent developments indicate that the situation is not getting better. Unfortunately, it is compounded with is now due to enter into effect in Romania radar as one of the elements of a prospective missile defense,” — said Putin. According to him, the deployment of missile defense in Europe — “this is not a defensive system, it’s part of strategic nuclear potential of the United States on the periphery”.

Putin also noted that the creation of a missile defense system Alliance continues despite the absence of a nuclear threat from Iran. “Remember a few years ago, all in one voice our opponents talked about the fact that the missile defense system is needed to our partners in the West, in Europe and the United States to prevent missile and nuclear threats from Iran. Where now the nuclear threat from Iran? They are not. And the creation of a missile defense system continues,” said the President.

He added that Russia will not get involved in an arms race, but plans on army modernisation will be adjusted according to the threats.