The economic development Ministry has proposed to permanently extend exemptions for IT companies

The Ministry of economic development proposes to extend after 2017 benefits on insurance premiums for companies in the field of information technology (IT). The bill, the Ministry posted on Friday on the portal According to the current norm, the Russian IT company, specialized accreditation in the Ministry of communications, pay contributions at a General rate of 14% of salaries within the base for the assessment, but in 2018, the rate is expected to grow to 21% and in 2019 — 28%, and in 2020 to achieve a General level of 30%. Ministry of economic development proposes to permanently fix a reduced rate for IT in 14% (8% — to the Pension Fund, 2% — in Fund of social insurance and 4% — in Federal Fund of obligatory medical insurance), follows from the bill.

The renewal of preferential tariffs will not prevent the reduction in the domestic high-tech products (including software), the reduction of export volume, as well as to prevent the outflow of IT specialists from the country, stated in the explanatory Memorandum to the bill. The extension of preferential rates for IT was one of the points of the anti-crisis plan of the government, approved March 1.

In addition, the Ministry of economic development offers with 2017 set a reduced rate of insurance contributions to 14% of organizations providing engineering services.

As previously wrote “Vedomosti”, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of communications and Ministry of economic development together with the Institute for the development of the Internet had to develop proposals for the extension of preferential rates of insurance contributions for IT companies. This instruction was given by President Vladimir Putin at the forum “Internet economy” held in December 2015. But against the extension of these benefits is the Ministry of Finance. The reason is the deficit of the Federal budget and social funds. In addition, the Ministry considers that this is contrary to long-term development strategy of the pension system.

Now reduced rates of insurance contributions also apply to residents of “SKOLKOVO”, priority development areas, enterprises and individual entrepreneurs operating in the free port of Vladivostok, Crimea and Sevastopol.