The Fund Kudrin named the most promising investment sector

Center for strategic research (TSSR), the Chairman of the Board which in April became Alexey Kudrin has prepared a report “Strategy of scientific and technological development of Russia until 2035”. In it, the Foundation has provided a list of the most promising innovative sectors in which to invest over the next 20 years.

“It is promising for Russia new sectors of the economy should be classified as those associated with new markets in 2035, provided by the National technological initiative of the President of Russia”, — said the authors of the report.

First on the list is mentioned the sector of unmanned vehicles, “increase and facilitate the mobility of people, in order to enhance the performance of transport processes”. A promising direction for CSR also called “sector systems based on the achievements in biotechnology and providing a dramatic increase in the duration of active and healthy life”. The paragraph also mentions the receipt of new funds the treatment of diseases, “are becoming more prevalent in the modern world because of the growing changes in the lifestyle of people and the overall duration of their life.”

The Fund recommended to invest in sector funds previously unattainable interpersonal and human – machine communications that allow on the basis of Neurotechnology to improve the performance of thought processes, technological solutions, providing “intelligence and the distributed nature of energy” and also in the financial markets on the basis of modern information technologies and technologies of social networking. Among the priority areas of CSR mentioned and high-tech markets food-based biotechnology and automation, and security systems.

Promising sectors of the Russian economy, the Fund also called manufacturing aerospace engineering and composite materials, the development and application of nanotechnologies, biomedical technologies of life support and protection of humans and animals, software, nuclear, and hydrogen energy, a separate stream of environmental management and ecology and other areas.