The Kremlin has called the curious incident with the handle shown Putin Oise

“Of course, this story is irrelevant to the quality of the machine, can not serve as some basis for a conclusion on the quality of the machine, so let’s humor and goodwill relate to such curiosities,” — Peskov said, when asked on Friday to journalists (quoted by TASS). He noted that in such cases, you should not overdo it with the response, “especially not to expect any reprimands”.

“It [the door handle] has returned [to the place], do not worry”, — said Peskov.

The incident occurred on may 12 during the inspection of a converted under Putin the armed forces of the Ulyanovsk car factory. During the inspection one of them the head of state tried to open the passenger door, but its jammed.

After that intervened in the situation near the head of state, head of the Main armored Directorate of the Ministry of defense Oleksandr Shevchenko, who also tried to open the door of “UAZ”, but pulled it.

Later, the developers have stated that the door was locked due to the fact that the car engine has not been opened.