The largest dairy company in Germany will be able to produce cheese in Russia

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) has allowed German DMK Deutsches Milchkontor to buy cheese production in Russia. Thus, the largest dairy company in Germany will be able to monitor the activities of several Russian manufacturers and suppliers of cheese.

FAS has satisfied the petition of DMK about buying Bobrovsky to a cheese factory, “Cisort” (processing of milk and production of cheese), the “Dart” (letting of own real estate), “Flamanfrakht” (processing of milk and production of cheese) in the Voronezh region, as well as some of the capital and Moscow region companies involved in the trade of dairy products, including those related to “Richart groups”.

As write “sheets” referring to the data “SPARK-Interfax” and to the register, 50% of all Russian companies, which are mentioned in the petition, belong to Igor Kalinin and Arsene Magomedov. They have not responded to the request publication.

According to the owner of the large milk producer knows, the parties have long been negotiating. Two more interlocutor of “Vedomosti” noted that before the introduction of the food embargo in response to Western sanctions “Richart groups” was one of the largest importers of cheese, including those produced by DMK. A top Manager of another major milk producer noted that the German company was planning to work in Russia before the embargo.

According to the newspaper, Bobrovsky cheese factory cheese delivers a mid-price segment in almost all the largest Russian retail networks. So, in the “Drives” share of its products assortment of hard cheeses 4%, X5 Retail Group — about 1%. “He supplies us with semi-hard cheeses and cheeses with various additives, also produces cheese for our own brand, — said the representative of the “Tape”.

“Cozart”, another one appearing in the request of the company, in 2015, received a loan of RUB 150 million from SME Bank and Transcapitalbank on the new equipment for packaging cheese and for the production of cheeses such as mascarpone and mozzarella.

Revenue DMK Deutsches Milchkontor for 2014, according to the company, amounted to €5.3 billion, the Company produces dairy products and cheese, ingredients for baby food and other products. DMK annually recycles 6.8 million tons of milk.