The Ministry of communications has planned to completely isolate the Russian Internet by 2020

The Ministry of communications has recently published amendments to the state program “Information society”, write “Vedomosti”. According to the plans of the Ministry, by 2020, 99% of Russian Internet traffic should be transmitted within the country. For comparison, in 2014 the figure was 70%.

As explained by the Federal official newspaper, now part of the traffic between the Russian system passes through an external point of exchange. Because of this, the Russian authorities have no ability to guarantee their reliable operation. In this regard, it is planned to create system of monitoring of connectivity and network resiliency.

According to the document, the Ministry of communications also plans to duplicate in Russia 99% of the critical infrastructure of the Internet. In 2014 this figure was zero. This year he needs to reach 40%.

The amendment does not specify what exactly is meant by “critical infrastructure”. According to Federal officials, the exercises were held, the results of which have been identified and described critical elements. We are talking about national domain zones of top level (.EN,.of the Russian Federation), the infrastructure through which they operate, the systems of traffic exchange points, as well as line and media. The interlocutor of the newspaper noted that Russia has its own system, but they do not have the status of a reserve.

What is “critical infrastructure”, the document of the Ministry of communications did not specify. According to Federal officials, were carried out some exercises. According to their results, were described the critical elements of the infrastructure: the national domain zone the upper level.EN,.RF) infrastructure, ensure the functioning of the system of traffic exchange points, lines and means of communication. Own system in Russia, but they are not endowed with official status.

Other relevant Federal official stressed that the Internet services the concept of critical infrastructure is not covered. He explained that the failure of “Yandex” or “Vkontakte” will not lead to a drop vsgeo the Internet.

The representative of one of the largest telecommunications operators in conversation with the newspaper questioned the possibility of separation of the Russian segment of the Internet from unlikely. According to him, it will cause damage and ordinary users, and business. The interlocutor of “Vedomosti” cited an example: according to him, it is obvious that in these conditions will operate a stripped-down version of the Internet, which will no longer refresh operating systems of mobile devices, and IT systems of big business loses communication with foreign systems.

Representatives of the operators and the communications Ministry declined to comment.