The state Duma has supported the abolition of labor books in small companies

Deputies of the State Duma on Friday passed in the first reading the government submitted draft amendments to the Labour code, simplify the micro-enterprises the procedure of registration of workers, according to the website of the Parliament.

Speaking in the state Duma, Deputy Minister of labour and social protection Lyubov eltcova explained that the new law will simplify HR reporting for small enterprises, which now employs more than 6 million Russians.

The bill proposes to exempt small companies and individual entrepreneurs revenues of which for the previous year did not exceed 120 million rubles, and the average number of employees — 15 persons from the obligation to accept the local normative acts containing norms of labour law (provisions on bonuses, etc.).

In addition, adopted in the first reading the bill proposes to exempt micro-enterprises from the obligation to pay in labor books of their employees record of employment, limiting the design of a standard employment contract. According to the document, to do this, employers will have to obtain the consent of employees. In the case when the person concludes an employment contract for the first time, microenterprises are encouraged to allow (in the presence of the consent of the employee) not to have employment record at all.

However, in the second reading the proposed government provision from the bill may disappear in response to the comments of the Russian tripartite Commission on regulation socially-labour relations, in which participate representatives of trade unions, employers ‘ associations and the government, said eltcova at the plenary session on Friday.

The Deputy head of Ministry assured the MPs that the obligation of micro-enterprises to record in employment record books of employees information about the period of their work will be saved. “We will consider it for the second reading of the bill”, — said the Deputy Minister (quoted by TASS).

In April 2015, President Vladimir Putin instructed to prepare proposals on the application of a standard labour contract on the micro instead of the personnel office. After that, the Ministry has drafted a bill on the peculiarities of regulation of labor in microenterprises. The government approved the bill on April 14.