UBS has appointed a new head of the Russian office

The Board of Directors of Russia UBS (UBS Bank) has chosen Hendrick geldenhuys of the Chairman of the Board instead left the post of the Wright Simonyan. This is stated in a letter to Bank staff (have).

Geldenhuys working with UBS since 1988. Since mid-2013, he heads the division of wealth management in Central and Eastern Europe, before that I was very rich clients of the Bank.

Geldenhuys changed departed before the may holidays in the resignation of miss Wright. The latter headed the Bank’s Board of Directors since 2014. Then he said that his goal was to make the Russian business for an investment Bank. “In a very difficult economic and geopolitical conditions, the Bank became stronger, more energetic, more effective […]. I am sure that by now we have become the best among foreign banks on the Russian market,” wrote Simonyan in his farewell letter to employees.

Latest notable events in the life of the Bank UBS in Russia was the participation in placing of Eurobonds of “Gazprom” in March, as well as attempt to become one of the organizers of the privatization. However, UBS has not got to number of winners.

By the end of 2015, the Russia Bank UBS made a profit of 269 million rubles, which is 3.3 more than at the end of 2014. Over the past year the Bank has doubled revenues from Advisory services is the core business of the investment Bank.