Warsaw has declared a regular violations of the border by drones from Russia

The Minister of defence of Poland Anthony Makarevich in an interview with the TVP television channel stated that Russian drones has repeatedly violated the airspace of Poland. According to him, the incident took place near the Polish-Russian border in the Kaliningrad region. “Fortunately [Poland] reinforced borders, in the last 2.5-3 months such cases — a rarity,” — said the Minister.

“The Russians want to convince the leadership of NATO, Poland, the USA and the UK that the Baltic sea is the territory of their possessions” — said Macierewicz.

This statement, made Macierewicz, commenting on the incident over the Baltic sea, which happened the day before.Then British fighters intercepted three Russian military transport aircraft approaching the Baltic States. UK Ministry of defence announced that the Russian aircraft, identified as an-26, An-12 and Il-76, were intercepted because they did not respond to requests by radio or transmitted identification code.

“I fully share the position of Minister of defence of great Britain on the question of the aggressive actions on the part of Russia. Such situations are repeated daily and sometimes even twice a day. We have many examples of this behavior on the part of the air force of Russia”, — said Macierewicz. He added, “warned that it would happen.” “The closer the NATO summit, the aggressive pressure from the Russian side will be more”, — said the head of the defense Ministry of Poland

Messages about incidents in the skies over the Baltic appeared with the beginning of the year repeatedly. In particular, April 29, the U.S. military said that a Russian su-27 made a dangerous maneuver near the reconnaissance aircraft of the U.S. air force. Earlier, on 14 April, became aware of the interception of the su-27 U.S. spy plane RC-135. The head of the Pentagon has stated that it considers “unprofessional and dangerous” maneuvers of the Russian aircraft against American ships and planes over the Baltic sea.

The defense Ministry, in turn, said that the actions of the Russian military pilots comply with international rules.