The former mayor of London compared the attempts of Hitler and the authorities of the EU to unite Europe

“Napoleon, Hitler, different people tried it [United Europe], and it ended tragically. The EU is an attempt to do this by other means,” Johnson said in an interview with The Telegraph.

According to Johnson, the problem lies in the lack of “loyalty to the idea of” United Europe. “There is no single body that anyone respects or understands. This causes a huge vacuum in democracy,” — said the former head of the British capital and a current member of the house of Commons.

The consequence of the existence of the European Union called the policy, in particular, the destruction of the Greek economy. In addition, the European currency has negatively affected the production of cars in Italy, “as was intended by the Germans,” says Johnson.

Conservative Boris Johnson led London for the last eight years, in early may, his place was taken by the candidate from the labour party, Sadiq Khan, a Muslim. Johnson referred to the next possible leader of the Conservative party, which is now headed by British Prime Minister David Cameron. After the official announcement about the upcoming referendum on withdrawal of Britain from the EU, Johnson said he will be campaigning for withdrawal from the Union. According to the former mayor of London, the EU undermines the sovereignty of his country, also he can “to get out from under proper democratic control.”

The referendum will take place on June 23. Cameron had previously supported leaving the EU, but changed his position after London has managed to make a deal, which implies a special status in the Union. It involves the independence of the financiers of the city of London from European regulators and the strengthening of the principle of circulation in the EU several currencies. The agreement also recognizes the right of great Britain to the rejection of further integration. “I am absolutely convinced that our economic security will be higher, if we stay in a reformed European Union, and will be a serious risk if we decide to leave,” he said. If the residents vote for secession from the EU, they actually support higher prices, a reduction in the number of jobs and a potential economic recession, said the Prime Minister.