Exchange the food brought to the building of the Ministry of Finance of naked mannequins

Exchange the food brought to the building of the Ministry of Finance of naked mannequins

Foreign currency mortgage borrowers gathered Monday morning in front of the Ministry of Finance in Moscow, to execute and deliver collective outrage official position of the Ministry about the fact that preferential restructuring of foreign currency mortgage loans allegedly violate the law and infringe the rights of other citizens. This is stated in the message the press-Secretary of the all-Russian movement of currency borrowers Galina Grigorieva, that was made available .

In the photos, which were sent Grigorieva, you can see that the building Department brought the naked mannequins with bags on their heads and ropes round their necks, to which are attached the caption “Finance kills”, and “$0$”.

Foreign currency mortgage holders require a meeting with the head of the Finance Ministry and asked to explain how a moratorium on the seizure of property may violate the law, when the eviction of people from a single housing, including children and the elderly, violates their constitutional rights as citizens of Russia.

Photo: Press service of the all-Russian movement of currency borrowers

“Many borrowers to take advantage of bankruptcy procedure, the management of the Ministry of Finance did not take into account the fact that mortgage holders take shelter, so “afraid” of the term “bankruptcy” is for what. After this execution, the citizens still have to pay the huge debt for 3 years. They will leave the subsistence minimum, which will have to exist, to feed a family, rent a house, raise children and care for elderly parents”, — stated in the message received.

In the all-Russian movement of currency borrowers emphasize that the adopted in the end of 2015, Federal law FZ-422 allows citizens of Crimea to refinance their debt at the exchange rate on 18 Mar 2014 (36,65 rubles/$1). In addition, in the summer of 2015, the Finance Ministry transferred mortgage loans in foreign currency in some regions at the rate of about 33 rubles/$1, which tells about the existence of the practice of solving problems of non-refundable foreign currency loans, which, according to activists, “according to the position of the Ministry of Finance has not violated the law and did not infringe upon anyone’s rights”.

In January 2015, the Central Bank sent recommendations to banks to convert foreign currency loans in rubles at the exchange rate at October 1, 2014 — 39,39 rbl./$1 and 49,98 rubles/€1.

After this exchange borrowers of the Bank “DeltaCredit” was held in Moscow for several shares, potesta against a proposed Bank in terms of restructuring loans. Events were held at the offices of the Bank on moss and on the Butyrsky shaft. Later, the borrowers pelted the office of the Bank of toy frogs and then attached to the door of the office of the Bank in the business center “White square” at the station “Belorusskaya” briefs with the words “Last. $A$”.

On may 10 a meeting was held between representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the foreign currency mortgage holders. On its results the official statement of the Ministry stated that the Agency could not support legislative initiatives to establish non-market exchange rates of foreign currency in rubles in the translation of the obligations of the borrowers, a forced debt forgiveness and a moratorium on debt repayments. The Finance Ministry said that it “contradicts the current legislation and breaks the rights of other categories of citizens”. Instead, borrowers are asked to resolve the situation within the framework of bankruptcy proceedings.