Khodorkovsky has called the candidates to the state Duma

On Monday, the expert jury of the project Mikhail Khodorkovsky “Open elections” has completed the selection of candidates, which the project will support on elections of 18 September. I selected the last of the five candidates that will be included in a list of 25 politicians, supported by the project. These candidates, it was decided to choose in the presence of the press, to demonstrate how the selection took place the other candidates, explained the spokesman of the “Open elections” Maria Galitskaya.

As previously explained, the authors of the project, its objective is to support opposition candidates in single-mandate candidates in the parliamentary elections in September 2016. Candidates who will receive support, or will need to collect signatures to go to ballot of the party with “license” (whose nominees are exempted from this obligation). Candidates will have the legal, advocacy and financial support. They will receive about half the funds needed for a campaign, but not directly, but through funding of a network of regional headquarters.Heads of regional offices will learn from experts in different fields — from public relations to marketing to Finance and legal support. For agitation on the ground will attract volunteers. Khodorkovsky calls the project of educational

The jury, which was headed by Khodorkovsky, entered Yevgeny Chichvarkin, writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Federal coordinator, “Open Russia” Vladimir Kara-Murza, chief editor of “Novaya Gazeta” Dmitry Muratov and political scientist, Professor of Economics Nikolai Petrov. They looked 14 presentations those wishing to become candidates “Open elections” from different cities of Russia, in particular, from Cheboksary, Vladimir, Voronezh, Kirov, Kaliningrad and put their grades on the performances.

In the result, by secret ballot, jury selected five future candidates in single-mandate candidates to the state Duma. This 31-year-old specialist in IT sector from Voronezh Vladislav Khodakovsky; Chairman of Irkutsk branch of the party PARNAS, teacher Mikhail Vasiliev, 26-year-old member of the PARNAS of the Chuvash Republic Dmitry Semenov, 27-year-old activist Kirill Nikolenko, Vladimir and 41-year-old Vladimir Lukin from Tatarstan, who actively supported the protest of the truckers. Nikolenko go on elections as the independent candidate, the rest will run from the party PARNAS.

Earlier, the “Open elections” took away the other 20 candidates, 15 of which will run for the state Duma, five by the St. Petersburg legislative Assembly. Almost all candidates go to the polls from having a license of PARNASSUS, only three will be nominated. In particular, signatures will be collected by the activist, participant of the projects Khodorkovsky Maria Baronova, who intends to be elected for the Central district of Moscow.

Initially, the project coordinator Timur Valeev made the nomination of candidates of the “Open Russia” of “Yabloko” party, but she refused to cooperate with the project.

The candidate of the “Open Russia” should support the key principles of “Open elections” and Mikhail Khodorkovsky, in particular, the idea of change of government, have a transparent source of income and be younger than 45 years, told reporters Valeev.

The young age of opposition is especially important, because it is primarily an educational project, “after all, we understand that the upcoming elections will be unfree and dishonest,” said Kara-Murza. According to him, the project gives the opportunity to prepare a new generation to the time when fair elections will be possible”.

“This campaign is not for us the final point,” said Khodorkovsky, who spoke with reporters via a video link.

Just received over 400 applications, said Valeev. Reviewed applications submitted, including from members of parliamentary parties. In particular, the candidate “Open elections” was the United Russia RUSAL Mingalimov from the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, which “United Russia” decided to exclude from the party, and Irkutsk eserka Olga zhakova, which was also excluded by the reference to “Open elections”.

Elections of the state Duma and elections of legislative Assembly of Petersburg will pass in the uniform voting day on September 18. Half of the 450 deputies will be elected on party lists and half in single — mandate constituencies.