Manager of the President for the year has increased the income almost 8 times

As follows from the income Declaration of the President Administration of Russia, the income of his head from 1 January to 31 December 2015 $ 79,47 million rubles. For comparison, in 2014 Kolpakov received an income of 10.45 million.

Over the past year has changed and the list of properties owned by Kolpakov. In return for the 2015 year is not specified land area of 3082 m, which was listed a year earlier. In addition, this year caps has not indicated one of the two cars, “Mercedes”, which was mentioned in the Declaration at the end of 2014.

Increased revenues and the wife of the Manager of the President – 68,46 million RUB million RUB 114,74 to the List of objects of real estate and vehicles wife Kolpakova for the year has not changed. She has two cars – Toyota and Porsche, and a Ducati motorcycle. In addition to the property of the wife Kolpakova transferred two plots of land, two houses and apartment in common ownership and a garage.

Kolpakov has served as the head Manager of the President in may 2014, prior to that, he served in the Federal security service.

In the spring of last year, opposition politician Alexey Navalny in his blog published an investigation which claimed that the wife Kolpakova was allegedly a co-owner of a management company “Putin’s Palace” in Gelendzhik. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov in this regard, said that “the President is irrelevant to the plot in Gelendzhik”.

From other employees of the Department of presidential Affairs of the most serious changes in incomes occurred at the head of the main Department of capital construction Department Oleg Perlin. If at the end of 2014 earned 63,56 million rubles., by the end of 2015 – of 16.76 million RUB.