The Chechen interior Ministry denied the cordon village resident complained to Putin

Information about the cordon of the village of Kenkhi Sharoi district of Chechnya, a resident who complained to Vladimir Putin on the local authorities, does not correspond to reality, said “RIA Novosti” the press service of the interior Ministry in the region.

“The fact that the village of Kenkhi cordoned off, not true. The villagers are free to come and go from the village. No cordon is not there and can not be”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the Sharoi district is a border, so there are transmission, however, the movement of people is not affected.

“The checkpoints in the border areas is a common phenomenon. And their presence does not affect the movement of residents of the district and in particular the village of Kenkhi,” — said the representative of the Chechen interior Ministry cupola.

About the cordon of the village of Kenkhi earlier on Monday reported “Kommersant” with reference to the inhabitants of the village. According to them, the entrance to the settlement is restricted for several days, and its inhabitants in turn cause the survey to the police, demanding to reveal the whereabouts of Ramazan Jamaldinov, who complained to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on local authorities.

An appeal to the President of Zalaldinov released in April. In it a resident of Chechnya Putin was also shown the dilapidated from war and floods the village. The address to the local authorities, according to Zalaldinov, do not bring results. After treatment in an interview with “Rain” he said: “They told me in Kizlyar are looking for. They got me in Makhachkala looking for.”

13 may the Dagestan edition “Chernovik” reported that late at night on may 12 Zalaldinov family brought from home, and the house burned. Later, the “Novaya Gazeta” reported that seven men from the Republic were deported.

The Kremlin said that if the information about the burning house Zalaldinov is reliable, the matter will have to join the police.