The court postponed the decision about the arrest of the Director Khovansky cemetery

Presnensky court of Moscow was not able to make decisions about the arrest of the chief of territorial branch of ritual service No. 3 state budgetary institution of Moscow “Ritual” Yuri Chabueva, the correspondent from the courtroom. Chabuel directs Khovansky a cemetery, where, on 14 may, there were mass clashes between natives of the North Caucasus and immigrants from Central Asia.

The judge Tatiana vasyuchenko gave the result of additional time to analyze the evidence and proof needed to arrest. Chabueva period of detention extended by 72 hours until may 18. During this time, the prosecution must apply to court to re-petition for arrest.

Chabueva in the meeting room was taken by a reinforced unit of the convoy, safety is ensured by special forces. The suspect hid from cameras the face under the hood. He reckoned three articles of the Criminal code: hooliganism, illegal arms trafficking and murder. After the arrest he was questioned, but did not admit guilt. In the courtroom, he also called himself innocent.

According to the investigator, who asked to put him under arrest, his guilt is confirmed by the testimony of witnesses who saw Abueva in the cemetery during the riots.

According to his lawyer the suspect, he “tried to prevent a fight. The defender insisted that about possible clashes Chabuel knew in advance and even went to law enforcement the night before. But in the morning around the cemetery was only a few police officers. Chabuel said may 14 he was on the job from an office building on Khovansky a cemetery. “When I realized that the conflict starts, and the place only five police officers, then tried to call 911, but the line was busy,” explained the suspect.

The suspect’s lawyer presented documents that Gabuev is a member of the public Council under the Investigative Committee. Another lawyer stated that Chabuel in the past held responsible positions in the government of Moscow and Moscow region”.

Chabuel also argued in court that “the Director of the cemetery” — it is not. According to him, all the cemeteries of the capital controls, the head of Sergey Manukyan, and he says only a few objects.

Mass brawl with shooting, which was attended by several hundred people, took place on Khovansky a cemetery on Saturday, may 14. According to the interior Ministry, the majority of participants of the fight were immigrants from Central Asia and natives of the North Caucasus.

As a result of fighting, three people were killed and over thirty sustained injuries of varying severity they were hospitalized.

Among the defendants are 14 people, among whom, in addition to Abueva, a former employee of the PPSP OMVD Russia in the city of Moscow in the district of Khamovniki Nikita Moshienko. Depending on the role they each suspected item”and” g ” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (murder of two and more persons committed by a group of persons by prior agreement), part 1 of article 222 of the criminal code (illegal purchase, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or carrying of weapons, ammunition) and part 2 of article 213 of the criminal code (hooliganism committed by group of persons).

On Monday afternoon the official representative of the RCDS Vladimir Markin said that the main version of the investigation, “financial motive”, adding that it is unrelated to the showdown on the basis of nationalities.