The price of Brent crude oil exceeded $49

The price of Brent crude oil for the first time since November 5 of 2015 reached $49 per barrel, which is 2.38% higher than the previous close, according to the exchange ICE. As of 15:07 MSK stoimosti the July futures exceeded this mark and was $49,01, 15:10 raised up to $49,05, but then after a few minutes fell back to $48,96.

Earlier on Monday morning, Reuters reported that oil prices went up against the publication of report Goldman Sachs. Goldman pointed to the decline in oil production due to unexpected supply disruptions. This factor, as well as strong demand has led to oversupply in the market anymore.

In the end, the Bank has increased the forecast the price of WTI in the second half of 2016 to $50 per barrel from $45, which was predicted in March.

On the background of the forecast on the morning of Monday the price of Brent crude has raised to above $48 per barrel. At 9:40 GMT it was $48,46 per barrel, which is 1.32% higher than the previous close.