The state Duma has proposed to complicate the rules of evacuation of cars

As reported on 16 March on the website of the liberal democratic party, proposed amendments make changes to article 27.13 of the administrative code. Deputies suggest to oblige the inspector to be sure that the driver of the car, which is going to take to the impound yard, not back. In addition, the amendments should be allowed the inspectors to carry out preparatory measures to set the gripper and apply stickers.

In addition, a video of the process of evacuation of the machine is proposed to Supplement the mandatory recorder, which would have begun from the time of the decision on detention to move the car on special Parking.

The bill also provides for mandatory reporting on stratstone citizens whose cars were evacuated, indicating the contact of law enforcement agencies that should be contacted in case of violation of rights. The fact of clarification of the rights of citizens are invited to sign the driver when getting a car.

The deputies of the liberal democratic party insist also on the financial responsibility of the organizations engaged in the illegal detention of the car and offered to set the terms and amount of compensation.

The law regulating an order of evacuation of incorrectly parked cars, entered into force 19 June 2015, however already in January, “Kommersant” reported that the liberal democratic party intend to amend the administrative code relating to the evacuation.