The United States first disclosed the amount of his debt to Saudi Arabia

As of March 2016, the amount of U.S. Treasury bonds, the holder of which is Saudi Arabia, was $116.8 billion, reports Bloomberg, citing data from the U.S. Treasury disclosed by the Ministry of Finance in accordance with the Act on freedom of information.

According to the Agency, Saudi Arabia is in the top ten largest foreign holders of U.S. debt. The largest debt holders are China ($1.3 trillion) and Japan ($1.1 trillion).

However, the real volume of debt of the United States to Saudi Arabia may be higher. Foreign exchange reserves of Saudi Arabia amounted to $587 billion in the General practice of Central banks, according to statistics from the IMF, involves placing two thirds of foreign exchange reserves in dollars. The remaining part of the debt can be accumulated in the offshore jurisdictions. In particular, Belgium is the holder of the $143 billion U.S. obligations, while the balance registered in the Kingdom companies are also Treasury bonds, the official holder of which is China.

USA publish data on foreign holders of its Treasury bonds since 1974, but never before among the holders of the debt was not called Saudi Arabia. Riyadh in the list of holders of debt held among 14 oil-producing countries, the balance of which by February 2016 total was $281 billion According to the newly disclosed information, the three largest holders of US debt among oil powers, in addition to Saudi Arabia are UAE ($62.5 billion) and Kuwait ($31.2 bln).

In mid-April, the newspaper The New York Times wrote that the Saudi authorities have warned Washington that can sell them us-owned assets in the $750 billion That will be the case if the United States is a law which will allow to attract Saudi Arabia to justice on charges of involvement in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.