Cameron called the ISIS and Putin are interested in the exit of Britain from the EU

British Prime Minister David Cameron said that the UK exit from the EU will welcome the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the leader of the banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. According to The Independent, the politician said in answering questions after the speech, organized by the world economic forum.

Cameron responded to criticisms over his remarks last week that a British exit from the European Union (“brickset” English words from Britain and the exit — approx. ed.) may lead to a new conflict in Europe. He stated that he “never talked about the fact that if we leave Thursday, then on Friday will break out world war III”. The Prime Minister added that Putin would be happy “broksita”, as well as al-Baghdadi.

Cameron has previously stated that the country’s withdrawal from the EU could play into the hands of the enemies of great Britain. The Independent notes that earlier he did not mention in this context the IG.

The Russian President earlier expressed his attitude to the question of a British exit from the EU. In June last year, a senior German politicians said that Putin could contribute to “broksita” to weaken the EU.

A referendum on British exit from the EU will be held June 23. Eve in the country are the fierce debate between opponents and supporters of this initiative. The former mayor of London Boris Johnson has compared the desire of the EU to unite Europe with the actions of Nazi Germany leader Adolf Hitler. In response, according to The Independent, President of the European Council Donald Tusk accused Johnson of “political amnesia”.