Detainees North Korea, the Russians gave the details of the incident

The detention of the yacht with Russian athletes, which was conducted by the DPRK, was accompanied by a “threat to life”, said senior assistant captain of the yacht Sergey Davidov, reports “Interfax”.

“Were about 90 miles from the coast, not even covering the fact that territorial waters but also economic zones for all the regulations. Another boat approached us from the stern. We had to stall the move, as they started to press us a boat. From the ship in Russian demanded to give them the captain of the sailboat and secured in place. There was a concrete threat to life,” he said, adding that “the struggle” in the sea was about 1.5-2 hours.

The Russians tried to escape from the representatives of North Korea, but the speed of their ship was twice as high, and the detention also joined the high-speed boat, said Davidov. “Caught up with us. With boats on our heads showered with stones, debris, bottles. Steel bortovat our yacht: dented rails, stanchions, bulwarks. Beat on the case specifically,” he said. A few people have said it, jumped on the Russian yacht, and then there was a scuffle.

Golovidov stressed that the Russians did not violate anything. “First, nobody said, then gave me an error that confused with the Korean spies” — he said (quoted by TASS).

Yachtsman expressed uncertainty that the detention was carried out that North Korea is on Board, he said, was not a distinguishing mark. “I don’t know how the guards of the DPRK, they are all in some form — and the military, and no civilian. But they didn’t look like normal military. Was just kind of an aggressive crowd. 40 people”, — he said, stressing that the ship was rusty.

The yacht was detained may 13, and two days later the North Korean authorities decided to release her. The same day she went to Russia, and on Tuesday arrived in Vladivostok. It was initially reported that the detention was conducted by the coast guard of the DPRK, but North Korea, according to the Consul General of Russia in Contin Yuri Bochkarev, said that it was done by the fishermen. The DPRK representatives told him that “the detention of the yacht by mistake”. Thus, as stated by the press attache of the Russian Embassy in the DPRK Denis Samsonov, Moscow is still waiting for an official explanation for the detention of the yacht.