Ex-foreign Minister of Poland called the head of the defense Ministry “the freak” because of the words on Russia

Former Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski called the Minister of defense Antoni Macarevich “monster”, accusing him of distortion of their statements about Russia. With charges on Macarevich Sikorski struck in his Twitter. In a public debate first entered the press Secretary of the Minister of defence, and then commented by the head of the defense Ministry.

“Mr. defense Minister, Antek, freak, show the quote when I supposedly said that “Russia will soon become a member of NATO,” Sikorski wrote in his Twitter.

Panie Ministrze Obrony Narodowej, Antek, świrze, wskaż cytat kiedy rzekomo mówiłem, że ‘Rosja wkrótce będzie członkiem NATO.’

— Radosław Sikorski (@sikorskiradek) 15 may 2016

TV channel TVN24 notes that the claims of the former foreign Minister of Poland belonged to the statements of Makarevicha made during his speech in the Polish Parliament, which discussed the work of the previous government. “What has done this to you Poland, you left her so vulnerable?”, — reminds the channel of Makarevicha. “That this was going to happen in the armed forces, what was going to happen in your minds, so that when everything pointed to the fact that we are approaching the worst conflict, the greatest danger, the greatest threat to our country, you said about the safety on the Russian side and Minister of foreign Affairs [Sikorski] in your government claimed that Russia will soon become a member of NATO,” — said in the Sejm, Macierewicz.

The TV channel reminds, that in 2009, Sikorski said that “if you [Russia], then it can become a NATO member”. Among such terms he pointed out “democracy, civilian control over the army, the settlement of territorial disputes”. In a similar vein Sikorski spoke in 2010, reminiscent of the TV channel.

A quote about the conditions for Russia’s membership in NATO reminded Sikorsky spokesman for the defense Ministry Bartholomew Misiewicz. To which Sikorsky replied: “And when, in your opinion, Russia “has fulfilled the conditions for membership?”. “The important fact of consideration of such opportunities,” – replied the press Secretary. “Thank you for the confirmation that the defence Minister lied in the Parliament, saying that I supposedly said that Russia “will soon be” a member of NATO,” said Sikorski.

Misevich continued the discussion noting that the only Macierewicz “expounded the essence of his words.” To which Sikorsky replied again: “do You not understand the difference between what Russia might be a candidate, and the fact that “soon to be” member?”.

@sikorskiradek szef @mon_pl @Macierewicz_A cytował nie tylko słowa relacjonował Pańskie. Więc kto kłamie? :)

— Bartłomiej Misiewicz (@MisiewiczB) 15 may 2016
The head of the defense Ministry, commenting on Sikorski in the Polish radio Trojka, noting that “the audacity of Sikorsky exceeds all bounds”. He added that with him “nothing to talk about and called it “one of the most harmful politicians of Poland”.