Igor Sechin proposed to appoint the CEO of “Rosneft”

Igor Sechin proposed to appoint the CEO of “Rosneft”

Moscow. May 15. The Board of Directors NK “Rosneft” offers to shareholders to amend the articles of Association and internal documents, some of which involves the abolition of the words “President” and replacing it with “chief Executive officer”, follows from materials to the annual meeting.

In particular, changes are planned in the provisions on the General meeting of shareholders, the Board of Directors, collegial Executive body (management Board), sole Executive body (President) of the company, on the audit Committee.

CEO (Chief Executive Officer – CEO) – the highest official of the company, which determines the overall strategy of the enterprise, takes decisions at the highest level, performs Executive duties.

President NK “Rosneft” is currently Igor Sechin.

In a press-service “Rosneft” did not comment on the planned changes.