The national guard under will receive a shipment of stun grenades for riot control

The Ministry of interior has placed on the public procurement portal two orders for the supply of hand grenades and annoying light and sound effects of “bustard” and “bustard PM. As stated in the documentation, the Agency plans to acquire 676 grenades type “bustard PM at the price of 11.6 thousand RUB apiece and 5 thousand garnet “bustard” for the price of 6 thousand rubles. apiece. The total cost of the procurement is 39.7 mln.

In the description of the tenders indicated that the grenades are designed to provide “physiological and psychological impact on offenders if the suppression mass violations of public order”. Pomegranates are also planned to be used in special operations for the disposal of offenders and the release of the hostages.

As noted in purchasing documents, “bustard” creates “light and sound the momentum and aerosol cloud of irritating action”, which occurs when burning pyrotechnic checkers.

“Stun grenades are used MIA for quite some time. The capture of the armed criminals they must be dazzling, so they have not started aimed fire on the SWAT team,” — said a security expert, honorary police officer Sergei Petrov. He noted that such munitions should not be used in the crackdown. “They create a too strong shock effect. Disperse the crowd using tear gas, water cannons and, in extreme cases, rubber bullets,” — said Petrov.

In the documentation for tenders specifies that the hand grenades of this type are accepted for service of Internal troops of the interior Ministry. On 5 April, President Vladimir Putin announced that instead of MIA will come the national guard, and its commander General Viktor Zolotov, who previously headed the Internal troops, and until 2013 was head of presidential security Service.

The press service of the interior Ministry said that the grenades were intended for special forces of the national guard.

According to estimates , taking into account the last two tenders of the Ministry of internal Affairs in the spring of 2014 has conducted auctions for the supply of grenades for a total amount of 94.3 million rubles. Current two largest purchases are.

At the end of April the interior Ministry announced tenders for the purchase of acoustic cannons to fight the troublemakers. As told in the press service of the Ministry, the system of acoustic impact are also intended for Internal troops.