The Prosecutor’s office ordered the Liksutov to eliminate violations of the rules of evacuation

The Moscow Prosecutor’s office revealed numerous violations of the order of evacuation. In particular, the inspectors were wrapping machine sticker “Parking fine” and mounted on the wheel grippers, which is prohibited by law. About it reports “Kommersant”, examined the response of capital Prosecutor’s office to inquiry of the Deputy of the state Duma from LDPR Yaroslav Nilov.

In it the Supervisory authority has confirmed that, according to article 27.13 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation and Moscow government resolution No. 2016 from 2013, a typo available to the open places of the machine should occur only after the execution of the Protocol on the detention of vehicles and the transfer and acceptance act of the transferring machine.

“Given the above, 25.04.2016 Deputy mayor of Moscow in government of Moscow <…> Liksutov M. S. made a representation to eliminate violations of the legislation on administrative offenses”, — the newspaper quoted the Prosecutor’s response.

Parliamentary inquiry Nilov, in his words, was sent to the Prosecutor after the liberal democratic party received complaints about the irregularities during the evacuation of cars. In particular, the owners complained that the inspectors even before the drawing up of documents on detention of the car seal it with the stickers and set the grips on the wheels.

In April Nilov has addressed this issue in Department of transport of Moscow. The answer came with the signature of the Vice-mayor of the capital Maxim Liksutov, said that the printing of the labels, as well as the installation of the grips, “is a preparation to moving the vehicle and is carried out on the basis of the decision of the officials.

“The process of preparation is not considered the code of administrative offences and the law as you move the vehicle, so as not to restrict the rights and ability of its owner for its use”, — stated in the reply he said.

On the eve of the liberal democratic party has announced that it has submitted to the state Duma a bill, complicating the rules of evacuation and providing greater protection of the rights of automobile owners. He, in particular, involves a ban on the holding of preparatory measures — installation of gripper and the applying of the labels on the evacuated car.