The wife of the head of the Bryansk region earned in 2015, more than 900 million rubles

The wife of the Governor of the Bryansk region Olga Bogomaz, which Forbes magazine in March called the leader of the rating “the Most wealthy wives of servants of the people”, declared the income for 2015 in the amount of 910,5 million rubles, according to Declaration published on the website of the government of the region. Bogomaz income for the year increased by RUB 215 million In return for the 2014 point amount 695,4 million rubles.

Owned by the wife of the Governor, as follows from the Declaration, there are 79 plots of land. Most of them are areas for agricultural purposes. The area of the largest of them is 7.6 million sq. m. he also indicated in the Declaration the apartment with an area of 34,4 sq. m, as well as six warehouses, a mill, five stables and two barns, a sawmill, a slaughterhouse building, few vegetable stores and hangars, three artesian wells and a number of other objects.

In the Declaration, he listed more than 100 vehicles. Among them several Russian and foreign cars, including one Porsche Cayenne Turbo, seven trucks and a crane truck KAMAZ, 40 tractors, 15 combine harvesters and lawn mower.

The income of the Governor of the Bryansk region Alexander Bogomaz for 2015 decreased by 202 thousand RUB compared to income for 2014 amounted to just over RUB 3 million Bogomaz indicated in the Declaration of two infield area of 2.6 thousand and 6.6 thousand square meters, two plots for agricultural use with an area of 90 thousand sq m each (one of the parts of the Governor are solely owns, in the second, he belongs to only one third), two houses with an area of 181,6 square meters and 79.7 sq. m and the truck GAS-53.

Olga Bogomaz headed the rating “the Most wealthy wives of servants of the people”, which Forbes has published in the beginning of March, after reviewing last year’s Declaration of the wives of the senators, deputies of the regional legislative assemblies and regional councils.

Olga and Alexander Bogomaz after graduation engaged in potato growing in the Bryansk region. In 1998 was founded the peasant farm “Bogomaz” on his fields grown around 60% of potatoes sold in stores X5 Retail Group, wrote Forbes. Currently, the property sector there are 13 thousand hectares in the three districts of the Bryansk region, the warehouse complex to lay 80 thousand tons of potato, drying facilities for crops, logistics center, according to the website “He”. In addition to potatoes, the farm grows grain, corn and soy. In the company’s activities also involved the sons Bogomazov, Mikhail and Roman.

As new declarations, in 2015 the income Bogomaz more than ten times higher than the income of the spouse a press-the Secretary of President Dmitry Peskova — Olympic champion Tatiana Navka. The last declared amount of 89 million rubles — more than anyone else their wives of Kremlin officials. The leader among the wives of the members of the government for income received in 2015, became the wife of Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich Zumrud Rustamova. Its revenue in 2015 amounted to RUB 141,39 million is 6.5 times less than that of Olga Bogomaz.

Former state Duma Deputy and a native of the Russian popular front (onf) Alexander Bogomaz has been appointed acting Governor of the Bryansk region in September 2014. In this position, he was replaced by Nikolai Denin, who was fired because of the loss of confidence in the President. In the gubernatorial election in September 2015, he received 79,96% of the votes and at the end of September assumed the position of head of the region.