France has refused to approve the transfer of the NATO European missile defense system USA

Representatives of the French authorities stated that the position of Paris is not with the objections of Moscow, the possibility of real management and control system by NATO, writes The Wall Street Journal.

A source in the French government stressed that Paris requires guarantees that the system will control the Alliance, not the United States. “If this system is NATO, then NATO is responsible, if you knock down missiles, and NATO will be held responsible if you miss,” said the source WSJ.

The American side is afraid that if at the July NATO summit in Warsaw will not be declared on the transfer of operational control of the system ABOUT the Alliance, then Russia interpreterpath it as a sign of weakness, the newspaper notes. The representatives of France and NATO noted that the transfer of regulatory functions will have to spend later, by July if no agreement is reached.

The WSJ explains that due to the small time of ballistic missiles from the military command required to make an almost instantaneous decision about its interception. US officials said that once the control system enters NATO, then the intercept will be made according to the rules adopted by the permanent representatives to NATO.

The command center of the missile defense system at Ramstein air base in Germany was built on the money of NATO, and the United States has provided radars and interceptors. The Alliance also provides a radar system in the UK and tracking systems on Navy ships Netherlands.

A key part of the system is the interception base in Romania, which was opened in may, x-ray radar located in Turkey and intended to target missiles, as well as based in Spain, us destroyers, equipped with weapons to intercept ballistic missiles. It is expected that the system will be upgraded to full operating capability in 2023, when construction is completed, interception base in Poland.

The United States said that placing elements of a missile defense system near Russia’s borders it is necessary to intercept possible ballistic missile launches from Iran and North Korea. In Moscow consider these bases a threat to national security and promised to “arrest”.