Putin complained about the oppression of Russian-speaking population in Tuva

In the Union of Russian-speaking citizens of Tuva “the Russians” told “Kommersant” that sent an open letter to President Vladimir Putin, which complained of the oppression of the Russian-speaking population in the Republic.

In particular, according to the authors, the number of Russian-speaking population in Tuva since the late 1980-ies fell from 37% to 8%. “In connection with the mass departure of Russian in the Republic there is a shortage of qualified personnel, including doctors, engineers and teachers, especially teachers of Russian language”, — the authors of the letter. They note that “Russian language in most schools” because of this “is taught as a foreign language”.

According to the authors, in Tuva, is the discriminatory policy of the management for the selection of managerial personnel. In particular, it is noted in circulation in the Republic “of 17 heads of regional administrations, only one Russian, of the 37 members of the Russian government only three.” “Even in government and social institutions disappear a habit to communicate in the state language, whether it be mail or the police,” write the authors.

They also indicate that in December 2015 the Chairman of the regional government appointed “founder and activist of the nationalist secessionist “popular front”, Hostp Tyva” Kaadyr ool of Bicheldey”. On it addressed to Putin placed the blame for the “avalanche-like outflow of the Russian population of Tuva in the beginning of 90-x”.

The authors of the letter asked the President to draw the attention of the Federal authorities on the situation of Russian-speaking population of Republic and “to adopt measures to ensure the Tuva people of all nationalities equal rights, including in the appointment of, and access to justice”.

The government of the Republic with charges does not agree, writes “Kommersant”. The press service of the edition said that the composition of the Cabinet in the region internationally in addition to Tuvinians and Russians it is the Koreans and the natives of the Republic of Khakassia. Also, the government stressed that the head of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool “emphasizes the role and importance of the Russian language in the Republic.” “In 2013, introduced the position of state inspector of the Russian language in the rank of Deputy Minister of education, now the public inspectors of the Russian language are selected and assigned to each district, moreover, in each sumone”.

Officials also pointed to the fact that in 2014 in the region have established grants to attract Russian-speaking teachers in rural schools. “No infringement of the rights Russian-speaking population in Tuva, no,” they concluded in the government of the Republic.

Answer the authors of the letter from the administration of the President of Russia has not yet received.

The Union of Russian-speaking citizens of Tuva “the Russians” was created in April 2016. It is headed by the Deputy of Kyzyl city Council from “Fair Russia” Victor Moline.