The Central Bank said the main source of illegal cashing

A large part of the operations of illegal cashing is currently being conducted using Bank cards, told reporters the head of the Department of financial monitoring and currency control of the Central Bank Yuri Polupanov. At the same time, the volume of cashing through payment terminals decreased significantly.

“Now is the leading Bank card segment, it occupies 70-80% of the total volume of illegal cash out. After we have worked with payment agents and terminals, where the volume of suspicious transactions declined, he moved into the segment of cards,” explained Polupanov (quoted by

Earlier, the Central Bank reported that in 2015 the volume of illegally cashed funds decreased compared with the previous year by a third, to about 400 billion rubles According to Polupanova, “localization” of the Bank card segment will further undermine the position of the organizers of the illegal cashing.

“After localization of this segment, we see no other infrastructure to get this amount”, — said the representative of the Central Bank.

In mid-March 2016, the Central Bank demanded that commercial banks to intensify the fight against fan cash with the use of premium Bank card, cash limits on which are significantly higher installed for ordinary “plastic”.

When using “fan” of the scheme of agents under various pretexts (payment services, loan, etc) transfer money from their accounts to accounts associated with a dummy card of the citizens. The same advance pass obtained in banks cards and pin-codes to them to collectors, which at the right moment, withdraw cash at ATMs.

In a letter sent to banks, the Central Bank called on to turn off questionable clients remote service channels, to introduce a ban on the re-opening of accounts and issuance of cards and reduce the withdrawal limit on premium cards.

Previously, the main channel was considered cashing payment terminals, from which the money is withdrawn in violation of the law are placed not on special and on ordinary current account. However, in September 2015 Polupanov announced that the Central Bank managed to achieve almost full collection of funds from the terminals on the special account.

“Now Qiwi 98%, DeltaPay — 99%. All who were in the dialogue, to fulfil the obligations of more than 95%”, — explained then the head of Department of financial monitoring and currency control of the Central Bank.

In early 2016, the Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Dmitry Skobelkin told that the increase in the complexity of the operations of illegal cashing of funds has led to a fivefold growth of prices for such services (from 2-3% to 15%). Skobelkin said that banks now vosprinimaut cashing as a “dangerous business” and are afraid to deal with it.