The Communist party decided to use the image of Stalin for campaigning in the elections

The Communist party will use the image of Joseph Stalin during his campaign for elections to the state Duma, told “Kommersant” the Secretary of the CPRF Central Committee on information and analytical work and electoral technologies, the Deputy of the lower house of Parliament, Sergei Obukhov.

“The image of Stalin will be used in the campaign and will be able to bring to the party additional votes outside of our nuclear electorate”, he said. While Obukhov did not rule out that the image of Stalin in his campaign decides to use other political forces, “including Pro-government”.

Initiatives in support of Stalin are already in the regional offices of the Communist party. So, at the party Congress in Penza region on may 14 the first Secretary of the city of Penza Dmitry Filyaev proposed to apply to the Federal Congress of the Communist party on the question of denunciation of the decisions of the XX Congress of the CPSU “about the debunking of Stalin’s personality cult”. Party members supported the proposal unanimously, according to the website of the Penza branch of the Communist party.

The Deputy Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee on ideology Dmitry Novikov has told “Kommersant” that the Central Committee “will examine all initiatives that are now addressed to the Congress of the regional conference”. As for the question about the XX Congress, the Communist party will not consider it, as it will gather in Moscow only in order to approve candidates to the state Duma and to take pre-election program, he said. However, the party would send the initiative to the “Union of Communist parties — CPSU” — the unification of the Communists from the former Soviet Union.

The theme of Stalin began to use members of the Communist party in Arkhangelsk — they are manufactured and delivered to the region of his bust. In city hall was held a meeting of the Commission on toponymy, during which the Communists, according to “Kommersant”, “stomped and whistled, when they did not like the discussion of the question”. The meeting decided to postpone and hold in the closed mode.

In December the Communist party in Penza opened the “Stalinist centre”. In addition, three months before the party set up a bust of Stalin at the building of the regional Committee. A monument to him in September appeared in the village of Selanger of the Republic of Mari El.

In may, the office of the Communist party in Novosibirsk has posted the congratulatory posters for Victory Day with a portrait of Stalin. Second, the Secretary of the party Committee of Renat Suleymanov said that it was Stalin who “was the personification of the state in the period of the great Patriotic war. Later, as reported by “RIA Novosti” with reference to press Secretary of the regional Committee volnuhin Basil, some posters were painted by the unknown, the Communist party has addressed this issue to the police.