The first lot of “big privatization” in Ukraine was estimated at $522 million

The government of Ukraine approved the proposed by the tender Commission on privatization of Odessa portside plant (OPZ) price of the state-owned package of shares (99,5%) 13,175 billion ($522 million), reported the state property Fund (SPF).

IPF — the first lot of “big privatization” in Ukraine in the framework of the program to change the financial balance required from Kiev, the International monetary Fund (IMF), says Reuters.

The head of the government Volodymyr Groysman called the price of start, end, he said, will determine the auction. The authorities ‘ main concern at this stage Groysman called the most transparent bidding and involvement in them might be more than a number of companies. Today, under the approved conditions, the auction will be held only if the desire to compete for the HMO will Express at least two investors, including one foreign.

Grollman emphasized the need to know in advance who exactly applies for the purchase of AES, to clearly know not only the name of the applicant company, but then who really owns it.

“This plant has always been a sinecure for anyone who tried to take possession of them, in order for there to shadow income. Therefore, it is very important to management, public privatization has caused and trust companies, and international partners ensured, including effective fight against corruption, which is a parasite on the public assets, on public Finance”, — said the Prime Minister.

In the message, the SPF noted that the auction for the right to buy the IPF will not be able to take part of companies and individuals included in the sanctions lists or registered in the state, the Verkhovna Rada recognized as an aggressor state, the company, more than 25% of the stock of which is state property of Ukraine, and also companies registered in offshore zones or in countries included in the FATF “black” list.

“In fact, today, stating these conditions, we give you the opportunity to begin a process of public privatization. The quantity and quality of buyers will be very serious. All the world leaders of production in this area have a great desire to participate in this auction,” — said Groisman.

Earlier the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called the privatization of one of the main tasks of the government of Vladimir Groisman, who succeeded as Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.