The idea of the FSB to classify data about the owners froze before the election

According to the newspaper Vedomosti, citing two Federal officials and interlocutor in the State Duma in the White house decided to freeze at least until the election of a new lower house bill, the FSB, providing for the classification of data on property owners from the Unified state register of rights to immovable property and transactions therewith (EGRP) and state real estate cadastre, as well as on the owners of water and air transport.

As explained by the publication of a Federal official, the issue is not in the immediate agenda and postponed owing to the political and electoral cycle.

As last year reported, 5 Oct 2015, the FSB bill was supported by the government Commission on legislative activities. It was assumed that the document had to be considered at the meeting of the government, and then submitted to the State Duma. However, “Vedomosti” indicate that the result document was returned for revision. With his criticism in particular by the Office of the President on the fight against corruption, indicated that the project does not consider the norms of anti-corruption legislation.

According to the Vice-President of “transparency international” Elena Panfilova, the inhibition of the project could be caused by the efforts of lawyers, notaries and the professional community for which it is advantageous to maintain the ability to check the cleanliness of vehicles and apartments. “You can make a simple calculation to understand, in what could become the secondary housing market and what will happen with the courts,” she said.

“Politically he could create some costs, the issue of corruption and so is spinning. But I do not think that the bill is buried,” suggested the analyst Yevgeny Minchenko.

Now the information from the Unified state register of rights to immovable property and transactions with it are public and are available on request. any extract from the register contains the description of the property, its exact address, the encumbrances on it, as well as information about the owner indicating his personal data.

The FSB has proposed to limit the number of persons who have the right to find information on property owners the actual owners or their representatives. In the security services considered that such a measure would have delayed the search of persons in respect of whom the measures were taken to state protection and also guard against “negative trends” when the citizens do without government assistance, seeking information about the owners of real estate to private companies.