The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine urged to assess the feasibility of holding of “Eurovision”

The Minister of Finance of Ukraine Alexander Danilyuk called “sober assessment” of the ability to host the “Eurovision-2017” in Ukraine. He wrote about this in an article published in the “Economic truth” called “Why do we “Eurovision”.

“Due to the nature of my work I have to think about the budget. I encourage a sober assessment of the opportunities and benefits of “Eurovision” and I remind you that the project should be financially justified. 1 billion is a huge sum,” — wrote danyluk. He recalled that in 2005, the contest cost the Ukrainian budget at $11 million

“Since the average amount of expenditures increased significantly. For example, in Sweden the competition was worth about UAH 1 billion — $43 million,” the Minister said, stressing that “economists can’t give a unanimous answer to the question, how justified are these costs”.

Danyluk reminded that the winning country has already passed its right to contest other States. “In the end, the world knows five examples of the transfer of the right to host the contest. For example, France in 1960, handed him over to the UK,” he recalled.

“If we decide to hold a competition, you should clearly articulate for yourself why we do it, and what use is it for the state”, — concluded danyluk.