The state Duma approved the bill on creation of national guard

The state Duma on Wednesday adopted in first reading a bill on the army national guard. Voted 345 deputies, against – 14. Just voted 359 of 450. Do not vote Communist faction.

The draft law during the discussion only criticized the Communists. MP from the Communist party Vyacheslav tetekin stated that the Communists support the transformation in the interior Ministry, to increase efficiency and reduce corruption, and measures to strengthen the fight against terrorism. But the draft law proposes the measures are insufficient, said Tetekin.

“From subordination of the Ministry of interior displays basic combat units, and it turns out that MIA is deprived of the power component and the national guard does not receive the operational units. Departmental barriers will impede operational work to prevent crimes. It is inevitable that Asgardia will develop their own operational units, turning from military units new service”, — said the Deputy.

In addition, according to Telecine, what part of Regardie passed departmental security and the structures involved in the licensing of the PSCs and issuance of permit for the weapon has nothing to do with terrorism. This is a semi-commercial structure and a huge amount of work, the MP stressed.

At the political level, the Communist emphasized, we are talking about the concentration of all power systems of the country in the same hands, although the Constitution is already prescribed. “There is a feeling that the legislature is becoming less significant in comparison with the Executive. We believe that the occurrence [of Regardie] associated with the worsening socio-economic situation in the country,” said Tetekin. According to him, the country’s growing protests, hence the desire to create a structure to suppress the protests. Furthermore, the factor necessary to create a power structure he called the upcoming elections.

The leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has agreed that the national guard needed to suppress “internal unrest”, saying that members of his faction will vote for the bill with pleasure. “Even before I had to create [the national guard]. If Gorbachev had adopted such a law, then there would be 1991 and all subsequent” — said Zhirinovsky. He likened the national guard with the oprichnina of Ivan the terrible, the secret Chancellery of Peter I, the third Department of Nicholas I and proposed to rename the national guard troops to the gendarmerie. “We are temporary, and the country has one powerful structure is needed”, — said the leader of the liberal democratic party.

Zhirinovsky is sure that the national guard could have prevented “mass disturbances” on Khovansky a cemetery, to fight terror in the Caucasus, as well as to counter the terrorist organization “AUM Shinrikyo”. “Long live the national guard of Russia!”, — concluded Zhirinovsky.

The representative “Fair Russia” Anatoly Shein, expressing the position of the faction, said that the establishment of the national guard is necessary when the existence of internal and external threats to the state. However, the faction has been asked to consider that the interior Ministry was a small service for control over the circulation of weapons, and asked the national guard to expand this field of activity.

From the “United Russia” was made by the Chairman of the relevant Committee on the bill Irina Yarovaya. “Attempts excessive politicization and the introduction of a negative connotation to the most important activities carried out by people in uniform, protecting the state and citizens, let remains on conscience of adventurous politicians”, — said the Deputy. She stressed that the reform of the security forces is then to “maximize the efficient use of financial, organizational and logistical resources and human potential.”

On the establishment of the national guard, which will replace the interior Ministry troops, President Vladimir Putin announced in early April. The head of the new structure, the President appointed commander of the internal troops, the former chief of his security Viktor Zolotov. Later, the President in the Duma introduced a bill, describing the troops of the national guard and its powers, approved by the decree of Putin and the official name of the new structure — Regardie.

Fighters of national guard, under the bill, will protect a public order, fight extremism and terrorism, engage in territorial defense of the country to patrol the border, to accompany the airplanes and to protect important state objects. Guards can use firearms, will have the right to use physical force and use of lethal weapons.

The government has given the presidential bill quick opinion: “the government of the Russian Federation supported the bill”.