Trump has promised soon to find out the nature of future relations with Russia

In an interview with Reuters trump said that he was pleased to hear the words of Vladimir Putin about yourself. “Very strong, very nice statement. I think it’s not bad, it’s good,” said the politician.

“I think I have a good relationship with Russia, but it may not be so. And what Putin said about me good things, does not mean that it will help him in the negotiations. Yes, ultimately does not help,” said trump.

The Republican candidate said that very soon finds out, he’ll have a good relationship with Russia or not. “But isn’t it wonderful if we really will be in a good relations with other countries, in contrast to what occurs now”, – said the politician.

Also, the report Reuters States that trump was asked what he thought about the Russian presence in Ukraine (the Agency has not cited the exact wording of the question). “I don’t like it. I really don’t like it,” he said.

At the end of last year the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has called trump a leader of the presidential race in the United States. “He’s a very bright man, talented, without a doubt. Not our business to determine its strengths, the case of the U.S. voters, but he is the absolute leader of the presidential race,” — said the head of state.

2 may 2016 trump, commenting on reports that Russian military aircraft made a maneuver barrel roll near the us, stated that should this occur during his presidency, he would have called Vladimir Putin and asked “take this maniac”. If diplomacy fails, in this case, according to trump, you need to open fire. “This is an absolute disrespect for our country and the absolute lack of respect for Obama,” explained trump the actions of Russian military pilot.

The Huffington Post may 16 published an article in which he noted the evolution of trump’s statements about Russia. Some change of rhetoric, the author explained that the billionaire is trying to seem more rigid in the eyes of voters than his main rival – the candidate from Democratic party Hillary Clinton.