Ukraine agreed with the IMF on the terms of renewal of financial aid

The international monetary Fund (IMF) said Wednesday that it has agreed with Ukraine by its actions that must be taken to in July, the Foundation Board has allocated Kiev delayed the third tranche of financial aid programs by $17.5 billion, according to Reuters.

“Sustained implementation of structural and institutional reforms is crucial”, — presented in the statement of the Foundation words of the head of the IMF mission in Ukraine Ron van Ruden.

18 may, Ukraine concluded its work the IMF mission, which arrived in the country on 10 may, said Wednesday the Agency UNN, citing the press service of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

The Agency adds that during this time the mission was required to perform the implementation by Ukraine of the conditions for the allocation expected in the autumn of last year the third tranche of the loan amounting to $1.7 billion within the four-year program of financing totaling $17.5 billion.

In February, the head of the IMF Christine Lagarde warned the Ukrainian authorities about the possible termination of the program of aid to the country. According to her, IMF is concerned about the slow progress of Ukraine in improving public administration, fighting corruption and reducing the influence of vested interests on politics.

After these statements, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko assured Lagarde that the reforms in Ukraine will continue despite the political crisis.