Banks did not massively lay off employees

Began to hire

Stabilization on the retail lending market affected the demand for banking professionals. In the first quarter of 2016 the number of employees in 14 retail banks (banks with a portfolio including loans to individuals exceeds 40% according to the RAEX) dropped by 212 people. For comparison, last year those same banks have dismissed almost 30 thousand people, according to quarterly statements of banks. The peak of the layoffs occurred in the 1 quarter of 2015, when only one Bank “home Credit” was reduced to 11.5 thousand employees.

While in the first quarter of 2016, six banks started to hire staff. Most specialists are actively attracted to the “Tinkoff Bank” and Bank “the East”. In the past, according to data provided by the Bank, the state grew by 899 people, mainly due to the expansion of the sales network and regional offices. In the first half of 2015, the Bank “East” closed nearly 500 offices.

“Tinkoff Bank” in January-March was employed 760 employees. The Bank attributed the increase in staff with the development of new business. “In April, we launched a financial service “Tinkoff.<url>”, where now anyone can get access not only to their own products Tinkoff Bank, but to the services of partners, e.g. within the mortgage platform,” — said the press service of the Bank. “Tinkoff Bank” was doing the hiring almost the entire 2015. According to the quarterly statements of the Bank for the year average number of its employees rose from 4.2 to 4.6 thousand people. In may 2015 a credit institution began to attract mortgage borrowers for banks-partners, and in October Tinkoff Bank announced plans in conjunction with the BCS to start the service on remote opening of brokerage accounts.

“In retail banking there have been signs of stabilization. Financial indicators of banks improve, the market gradually comes to life” — says the analyst “URALSIB Kepital” Natalia Berezina. It does not exclude that the banks are hiring staff in preparation for a new phase of competition, in the hope of a revival of the retail market. As previously said, the Director on Bank ratings RAEX Aleksandra Sarajevo, in 2016, the consumer credit market would increase. “Relative stabilization of the currency market allows to hope for increase of consumer activity of the population and the realization of pent-up demand for loans,” — said the expert. In addition, she said, if the Bank of Russia will reduce to the end of the year key interest rate by 1-2 percentage points, it will also provide support to consumer loans.

As previously mentioned , in Q1 2016 14 retail banks finished with a net profit of 850 million rubles a Year ago, their aggregate financial result was minus 30 billion rubles. more than half of the banks were able to make a profit or to reduce losses in the first quarter of 2016.

Who are you looking for banks

Director of recruiting for financial services company “Agency Contact” Andrey Zakharov says that the greatest demand from banks is observed for specialists of sales departments and specialists on the risks and on employees involved in restructuring and recovery of problem debts. “This is a typical trend in times of crisis”, — he said.

In addition, according to the expert, the last time a high demand for the specialists of “Private Bank”, which spetsializiruyutsya on serving high net worth private clients. “We see the need in such specialists, even from banks that had never worked in this segment”, — says Zakharov.

According to Andrei Zakharov, the transition specialist services to wealthy clients from one Bank to another, his salary could skyrocket. “Banks understand that hiring a particular employee, they attract new customers, so we are ready to pay for it”, — he explained. The Agency noted that overall, wages in the banking sector remain in the pre-crisis level, except for specialists involved in sales: their income over the past six months rose slightly.

According to the portal the growth proposals of the banking sector in January-March 2016 was 0.4%. Compared to the first quarter of last year, the demand for specialists of banks increased by 3.2%”.

Thus for some items the increase was more significant. Suggestions for Department chief specialist of market risks increased by 10%, leading specialist of the credit Department — 8%” — said a senior analyst of the portal Superjob. EN Olga Chekaldina. Among the most demanded professionals by banks, he said, includes employees of IT departments, especially for programmers who develop mobile applications.

The most popular specialty in banks, according is the profession of the credit Manager.

Agents do not need

In three retail banks in the I quarter of 2016 is still observed reduction of staff. A large portion of the layoffs occurred in one credit institution — the Bank “home Credit”, which in January-March was fired 806 employees. Fitch analyst Dmitri Vasiliev said that the dismissal of staff in the “home Credit” associated with the decrease in the loan portfolio and optimization of business. “The Bank has tightened lending standards, its portfolio is greatly reduced,” he notes. According to analyst, in 2014 the Bank’s loan portfolio decreased by 12%, and in 2015 29%. In 2015, the “home Credit” reported a net loss of 11.6 billion RUB In Q1 2016, the Bank’s loss amounted to 818 million rubles.

The official representative of the Bank “home Credit” Irene Shkarovskaya said that the Bank has reduced the number of loan officers due to the low season and the closure of several offices. Dmitry Vasiliev explained that staff reductions in the “home Credit” associated with the business model of the Bank. “The Bank provides loans not only in its offices but also in shopping malls and large stores. The number of agents at the point of sale can greatly be reduced in a falling market”, — he explained.

Seasonal factors explain the reduction of staff in the OTP Bank and “the Renaissance the Credit”. In the past the average number of employees in Q1 of 2016 amounted to 15.5 thousand people since the beginning of the year, the Bank had 565 employees fired. According to the senior Vice President, Director of Department for work with personnel “Renaissance Credit” Elena Loginova, average number of employees included agents who are not employees of the Bank. “Their number is always fluctuating significantly. While the staff number has increased,” she said. According to the Bank, the number of his “regular” managers in Q1 2016, grew by 70 people. However, taking into account the employees, who had gone on maternity leave (those in the Bank of approximately 22%), the number of staff in “the Renaissance the Capital” has decreased by 24 people.

The largest retail Bank VTB24 in January-March reduced to 120 employees. “For 2016, VTB24 is planning to carry out a planned headcount optimization program within the framework of the implementation of programs to improve operational efficiency of the sales network. The estimated total reduction in staffing levels in 2016 would be around 1.5%,” — said the press service of VTB24.