From “Night hockey League” Putin quit key managers

A number of managers, OOO “Night hockey League” Wednesday, may 18, wrote letters of resignation at own will, told two sources in the organization. Among them the Executive Director of the NHL Oleksandr Tretiak, sporting Director Sergei Pilyugin, security Director Ernest Minasyan and head of marketing Department, Deputy heads and ordinary employees.

All applications were written by about 20 people, says one of the interlocutors . Another source in the League said that the resignation was notified by 14 people. Only in the Moscow office of the League works less than 38 people without the 28 members of the Board of hockey legends.

The head of Department on public relations of NHL Igor Kakurin confirmed that a number of employees have filed applications for dismissal, without naming their total number.

The reason for the dismissals was the disagreement with the new leadership of the holding, said the source. In March it became known that the only founder of the NHL has become a joint-stock company “Souflot Port”, a subsidiary of the group Novorossiysk commercial sea port (NCSP). The main owners are the state of the NCSP Transneft and Summa group of billionaire Ziyavudin Magomedov. Informed the principal owners of the NHL were the two veterans of the Soviet hockey Alexander Yakushev and Alexander Kozhevnikov and Executive Director of the League Alexander Tretyak and football sports Director “Dynamo” Guram Agaev. Now 95% of the NHL belongs to the “Souflot Port”, another 5% is owned by a veteran of Soviet hockey Alexander Yakushev. The reason for the change of the owner of the League called problems with its financing.

Almost immediately in the NHL began personnel changes. In March it was announced that hockey player Vyacheslav Fetisov is leaving the post of Chairman of the Board of the League. At the end of April as CEO left hockey player Sergei Makarov, and in his place the General meeting, the NHL has elected a former player of “Dynamo” Igor Bakhmutova. Bahmutov joined the League in March, after change of the owner.

Key League staff decided to leave immediately after conducting the may festival of the NHL in Sochi, so they disagreed with the dismissal Fetisov and Makarov, says one of the sources . In late March, the NHL team has published an open letter with a request to return to the Board Fetisov. On may 13 the meeting of Vladimir Putin with the winners of V all-Russian hockey festival among Amateur teams team captain “Auto” appealed to the President with a request to contribute to the conservation staff, management and staff of NHL, reported RIA Novosti.

Makarov said , what is not working in the League since the end of April and what’s happening to him is unknown. Fetisov also said that he knew nothing about the plans of the staff.

A representative of the NHL calls a change in “normal workflow”. “At the end of the festival in Sochi Night, the League continues to work on improving the efficiency of structures of control,” he says.

Over the last eighteen months was conducted multilateral audit activities of the League, says a source in the organization. Before the new management, headed by CEO Igor Mahmudovym the challenge is in more active development of the League, to improve the transparency of its activities, increasing the interaction with the regions, lists the source. Over time, he said, the League needs to reach self-sufficiency.

Night hockey League — official Association of Amateur hockey clubs in Russia, which organizes the annual event by analogy with the Championships for professional teams. The League was created in 2011 on the initiative of Vladimir Putin. In the framework of the NHL play in Russia 714 68 teams in the regions, the winning team gets the right to build in the city for the budget account of the ice stadium. A key event in the framework of the NHL is the national festival of Amateur teams in the final of which on the ice with the winners of the matches goes, President Vladimir Putin, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Russian billionaires Arkady and Boris Rotenberg and many others. The last festival was held in Sochi in may, Putin went to the gala match and scored the team’s billionaires.