Intraspecific selection: will the real fight in the primaries of the main role

Elections without obligation

Primaries “United Russia” will be held on may 22. They determine those candidates with whom the party will go on elections of the Duma on 18 September this year, the situation about primaries, adopted at the Congress of “United Russia” in February of this year. In recent months everyone (except members of other parties, convicted and owners of foreign accounts) apply to participate in the primary election and debated with each other. They were about 3 thousand people.

Through the procedure of primaries are held and those who hope to get into the Duma on the lists, and those who are running in single-mandate constituencies. Accordingly, this Sunday, voters will receive two ballots — for the selection of single-seat districts and spisochnik. The voting will be ranked, that is, everyone will be able to choose one candidate, and will have the chance to vote for those who cause him sympathy. This is one of the fundamental differences between Russian from the American primaries, where the vote for one candidate, says political scientist Yevgeny Minchenko.

From the results of the vote will not be announced, says a source in the party. Regional steering committees formed by local offices, will begin the counting of results at the end of the voting, draw up the results in a Protocol and sent to the Federal center, says the source in one of regional branches of the party. According to him, the regional offices themselves to announce local results will not be. It will make at the Federal level, on may 26, when will bring data from all the territories. The final results of the party members will be announced only in June, when I gather all the complaints. “On June 4-5, we will gather all participants in Moscow, will collect their complaints, consider them and only after that will announce the final results”, — said the source.

The final election list of candidates from the party will be prepared on the results of the primaries were assured many times in the leadership of “United Russia”. But in position about primaries, this is not the norm. On the contrary, it stresses that the preliminary vote is not a procedure for the nomination list for the Duma elections. The organizing Committee is making a list of participants a provisional ballot for the consideration of Congress, the document says.

We already know that without the primaries to the electoral list may be made about 15 heads of regions, who will head the so-called regional group of United Russia. This information confirmed earlier Deputy Secretary of the General Council Viktor kidyaev. Also to bypass the preliminary voting list will be introduced such famous people as Director Stanislav Govorukhin, the Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya, the commander of airborne troops Vladimir Shamanov, said United Russia. Outside of procedure, the provisional ballot may be formed of the Federal part of the list, i.e. the most prominent members of United Russia, whose names you will see on the ballot, voters across the country. This will be Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who does not pass the primaries, and other influential people, whose names have not yet been determined, says the interlocutor in the party.

The turnout without Putin and Medvedev

For the first time in the history of the “United Russia” to take part in the primaries will all the citizens of Russia, and not only members of the party. To do this, United Russia has leased 20% of the total number existing in Russia polling stations.

But the first person to vote will not participate. The party leader, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Sunday will be in business trip in Crimea and the vote is only allowed at the place of residence, that is in Moscow, said his press Secretary Natalya Timakova. Therefore, he will hold a meeting with participants of the primaries, but he will not vote, she added. Informed sources in the party said that there is much hope that Medvedev will come to the site and thus set an example to other Russians.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the founder of the party, whom she considers the informal leader, also plans to participate in the primaries, told the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

But overall, United Russia expect that in the primaries will involve millions of people. In September last year the Secretary of the General Council “United Russia” Sergei Neverov predicted that in the early vote can come in 10-15% of Russians. Now a source close to party leadership, citing a figure of 10-12%. Head close to the Kremlin Fund ISAPI Dmitry Badovsky yesterday predicted that in most regions of sites will come 5-10%. According to him, in regions with high competition the interest the voting will be higher and, accordingly, there will be more voters. According to the polls, in the primaries are ready to come 32% of Russians, but this figure should be divided at least into three, said earlier the head of the sociological center Valery Fedorov.

Informed sources close to the Kremlin, claimed that the Federal government has instructed the regions to ensure the attendance of at least 10% of voters in all territories. After that, the local authorities decided to arrange buses for transportation of citizens to the stations, said the interlocutors. But after reports appeared in the media, the requirement was eased, says a source close to the Kremlin. This will allow the regions to not drive people, he says. This week Neverov at a meeting of the organizing Committee of the primaries said that the practice of bussing people during the primaries should not be.

The competition is not everywhere

The interlocutors in the “United Russia” and sources close to the Kremlin, they recognize that not all territories are expected to compete. Approximately 40% of the territories, the result can be considered as predefined, in the first place are the regions where they are running the famous deputies of the state Duma, told earlier a source close to the Kremlin administration. He expects a serious fight between the candidates including in the Moscow region (one County high chances of TV presenter Oksana Pushkina and Igor Ibysheva of the bar Association, and the other athletes Irina Rodnina and politician Boris Nadezhdin), St. Petersburg (in one of the counties opposed to the deputies, Sergei Vostretsov and Maria Maksakova and the other local MP Vitaly Milonov and former Deputy of the state Duma Yuri Shuvalov), and also in Stavropol, Arkhangelsk region and Primorye.

But in many regions of the strong contenders to win under pressure of the Federal center was out of control and, thus, closed question on competition in the territories. So, the former Governor of Chelyabinsk region Mikhail Yurevich on Thursday wrote the Declaration of abandonment of participation in the primaries. He did it once at a meeting of the organizing Committee Sergei Neverov said about the claims of many parties who are suspected of different violations. The interlocutors in the “United Russia” said that Yurevich there are problems with law enforcement. But in fact, he had all the chances to win in the district and was forced to abandon the struggle only because of dissatisfaction with the local and Federal authorities, say three sources close to the presidential administration.

In Bashkiria from participation in the primaries refused by the Director on interaction with authorities of the Bashkir soda company Marina Bartova. It was opposed by the head of administration of Sterlitamak Alexey Izotov, now he will win the election, says a source close to the leadership of Bashkortostan. A source close to the Kremlin, said that the authorities consider her a lobbyist, so gave her a signal about the need to refuse to participate in elections.

Refused to participate in the voting and known to the Deputy Alexander Khinshtein. The party leadership declared conflict of MP, therefore, the Secretary of the General Council Sergei Neverov suggested him to become his adviser on media. Hinstein — strong mandate deputies and had all the chances to win, admits a source close to the Kremlin administration. But he had problems in relations with the authorities of the Nizhny Novgorod region, where he applied for participation in the primaries, and with some Federal officials.

The party has also announced that it intends to exclude from the primaries of deputies Mikhail Slipenchuk and Elena Nikolaeva.

In most regions already know who should win, says the regional United Russia and confirms a source close to the Kremlin. According to the latter, the competition in the primaries will be only 20% of the territories, in the rest of the layout is already predetermined.

Agitation with a wet t-shirt

The Internet has already started to appear in commercials urging voters to turn out in the primaries. One of them is available on YouTube Thursday morning. The video in the reverse order shown, as the girl walks down the street in a white t-shirt on which is written the date of the primaries. She passes by a young man who pours it from the hose with water, and then zaglyadevshis translucent chest on the cyclist falls to the ground. The video ends with an inscription: “do you know what will happen on may 22?!” A source close to the leadership of the party, confirmed that the video was ordered by United Russia.

In addition to videos voters are encouraged to come in the primaries posters. Informed sources said that in all regions the election will appear posters with pictures of all the candidates and says “it is Important to Choose Correctly” which forms the initials of President Vladimir Putin. The interlocutor in one of the regional offices says that the Central Executive Committee ordered the regions to place the banners at his own expense, and in many areas this distribution list were unhappy. Banner advertising says “it is Important to Choose Correctly” appears and on some sites in the Internet.

How much are the primaries

Primaries “United Russia” will cost about 600 million rubles, said in mid-may, the Chairman of the Central electoral Commission Nikolay Bulaev. This amount was allocated by the Federal leadership of the party for the rental of polling stations (on 10 thousand rbl. on everyone), payment of work of employees of the audit commissions (3-5 thousand RUB each) and printing of ballots, says a source close to the leadership of “United Russia”.

All other spending went to regional offices, but they, according to sources in the party, was able to get around them. For example, the local United Russia had to broadcast the primaries in the “Classmates” and at party sites. But they managed to negotiate with local TV stations, and they took this work on a Pro Bono basis. In many of the territories did local TV.

Managed to solve the issue of how not to spend money on renting places for debates and meetings with voters, said a source in the leadership of the party branch of large regions. The debate is mostly conducted in the party office and meetings with voters — in culture houses, which are provided free of charge by the municipal authorities. The interlocutors in two territories confirm that the platform for communication of the candidates with population went to the party free from the authorities.

With the participation of Polina Nikolskaya