A Russian court found the Apple Watch conventional wristwatch

The arbitration court of Moscow has rejected the statement of the Russian division of the American Corporation Apple — OOO “eppl Rus” to the Federal customs service (FCS) on Tuesday, may 17. This was reported by “RIA Novosti”.

In a statement, Apple asked to recognize the illegal three decisions of the Central customs administration of the FCS about the change in the customs classification of the Apple Watch. FCS classify the Apple Watch as wristwatch according to the Commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity of the Eurasian economic Union (CN of FEA EAEU). The customs rate for the import of wrist watch reaches 10%, and the device for data transfer not subject to tax.

FCS classify the Apple Watch as a normal wristwatch, since one of the main components of the device “is a component of the countdown, however, he does not have to be in the form of the clock mechanism”, explained in court the representative of the customs service. According to representatives Apple, the device is multifunctional and highlight its main component is impossible. According to the company, rather it should apply to microprocessors. The ratio of the decision of the court of first instance will be known after the publication of the full text of the judicial act. The decision will come into force in a month, if not Apple will appeal it.

On request the Apple representative at the time of publication of the material did not answer.

That “Apple Rus has filed several lawsuits against the FCS, it became known in February 2016. The company filed two lawsuits in the Moscow Arbitration court in relation to the Central customs administration of the FCS. Also “daughter” Apple has submitted to Arbitration court of the Moscow region statement “on recognition of decisions and actions (inaction) unlawful.” According to the Electronic justice system”, one of the participants in this case is Sheremetyevo customs.

When Apple started to import “smart” watch Apple Watch, it classified them as a wireless device for receiving and transmitting data. But at the end of the 2015 FCS equated them with ordinary wristwatches, which are subject to a fee of 10%, reported the newspaper “Kommersant”. As a result, in the retail sale value of Apple Watch in Russia has increased by about 15%.