NATO and the EU to sign the Covenant to repel hacker attacks from Russia

The Pact between NATO and the EU will be signed at the July NATO summit in Warsaw, reports Reuters. Agency sources said that the joint actions will include both power response and a soft approach to security, the fight against hostile propaganda and advice to stabilize the situation in neighboring countries.

One of the serious threats to both organizations consider the possibility of penetration by Russian hackers in a computer network. “If Russia is going to attack in cyberspace, we don’t have to spend two weeks on the negotiations in which we will find out which of us is supposed to do,” explained the Agency agreement the meaning of a source from the defense sphere of the EU, working closely with NATO.

The Alliance members were repeatedly accused of infiltrating the computer network of hackers who, in their opinion, are connected with the Russian authorities. In March the Estonian intelligence service has described Russia as the main threat to cyber security of the country, the European Union and NATO.

Also in March, the White house warned the American infrastructure companies about a possible repetition of the incidents that occurred at the end of last year in Ukraine. Deputy Minister of energy Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, said earlier that the attack on the Ukrainian energy system are Russian hackers.

In may, the head of German intelligence has accused Russian secret services of involvement in large-scale hacker attack on the computer system of the Bundestag.

Of the 28 members of NATO, 22 countries also enter the EU. Reuters notes that the Pact will avoid duplication of similar projects of both structures and costs.

The Agency reminds that the EU and NATO has its limits due to the strained relations between Greece and Turkey. Turkey is part of NATO but not an EU member, so it blocks the exchange of intelligence with the EU. In turn, Greece, consisting in both structures, doesn’t want Brussels shared sensitive information with the Alliance over Turkey.