The Central Bank has noticed the onset of “early spring” in the banking sector

For the first four months were profitable more than half of banks said the first Deputy Chairman of the CBR Alexey Simanovsky. There is a misconception that all the profits generated by one Bank (Sberbank), however for the first four months of 62% of banks were profitable, said the first Deputy Chairman of the CBR Alexey Simanovsky during the XXXI annual General meeting of the Association “Russia”.

Profit for the four months in the banking sector amounted to 167 billion rubles, he reminded.

“There has been a steady trend in output in the positive area of work in the banking sector. This is evidenced by statistics that points to a timid recovery, early spring in the banking sector”, — said Simanovsky.

“Crediting of physical persons while shows negative growth, but much less than a year ago. We see prospects in the second half of the possible positive values of crediting of physical persons”, — said Simanovsky.

According to him, the growth of overdue debts in corporate sector came to the slowdown. We look at a very moderate rate of increase of delay. “In my understanding in the future, this year is a positive development. However, the growth rate of reserves remain”, — said the Chairman of the Central Bank.