The journalist complained to the Ombudsman on Moskalkova investigators

Journalist Alexander Sokolov on Friday appealed to the Commissioner for human rights, the head of Moskalkova with a request to check the actions of the prosecution on the rule of law. About it it is spoken in arrived in a letter signed by the mother of the journalist of Natalia Sokolova. His complaint, representatives of protection left in the Internet-reception room of the Ombudsman, the girl told Sokolov.

In his address, Sokolov writes that he believes the prosecution is fabricated and infringe upon constitutional rights to freedom of speech and thought, independent journalism, and the participation of citizens in the referendum. So he asks to check the actions of the investigator Natalia Teleway.

Sokolov kept in prison for more than nine months. He was arrested in late July 2015. He and the former editor of the newspaper “Duel” Yury Mukhin and their colleague Valery Parfenov were charged with organizing activities of an extremist organization (article 282.2 of the Criminal code).

According to investigators, falcons, Mukhin and Parfyonov was included into the organization of the “army of the will of the people”, which in autumn 2010 was recognized by the court as extremist and banned. The prosecution alleges that they continued the activities of the organization under a different name “Initiative group for the referendum “For responsible government” (IGPR CALL). The authors of the project proposed to evaluate the work of deputies, senators and the leadership of the country after the expiry of their powers.

Sokolov connects the prosecution with scientific and journalistic activities. He notes that the pursuit began after defending them PhD thesis on “the Impact of rent-seeking behavior on the investment of state-owned corporations,” where he examined in particular the issue of corruption and inefficient use of funds in the implementation of mega-projects with state corporations “Rosnano”, “rostekh”, “Olympstroy” and “Rosatom”. According to Sokolov, in the summer of 2013, the representative of General Prosecutor’s office informed him by phone that the leadership of “Rostec” was dissatisfied with the content of the dissertation. And the first search took place on 5 February 2014, a few days before the start of the Olympics and at the time when the thesis was considered for approval in the Higher attestation Commission. The second search took place shortly after 6 July 2015 investigation on the construction of the Vostochny space centre. The journalist believes that the investigators ‘ actions contain signs of a crime under article 144 of the criminal code (obstruction of the lawful professional activities of journalists), and asks to verify the actions of the investigation.

In November the human rights center “memorial” recognized Sokolova, Mukhina, Barabash and Parfenov political prisoners and demanded an end to the case against them. In December the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a big press conference in response to a reporter’s question about who is in jail Sokolov has promised to investigate the situation. “About Sokolova: if he sits for some of the revelations about the East, if that’s the case, of course, I will help your publication,” — said Putin. In March, the court extended the arrest of the defendants in the case until June.