The Pentagon declared a “confrontation” with Russia

According to Deputy Minister of defense Robert Wark, Russia is on “the path of confrontation, aggression and coercion” and engaged in “nuclear saber”. Such a statement he made during the us-Norwegian conference on defense, according to the website of the Pentagon.

Back in 2012 Washington thought that is on the path to partnership with Moscow, and brought from Europe the last two heavy brigades, said Wark. At that time, the United States, he said, “I wanted to have a productive partnership with Russia in the future.” However, the situation changed in 2014, after the annexation of Crimea by Russia and destabilization in the East of Ukraine, said the Deputy head of the Ministry of defense. Speaking of “the rattling of nuclear weapons” from Moscow, he said that Russia threatened the US allies in NATO in connection with the placement of American missile defense system in Europe.

Wark recalled the maneuvers of the Russian aircraft near NATO aircraft and called Moscow’s behavior “reckless”. “Even when we are fighting ISIS (a group banned in Russia. —) and other criminal groups, we must also actively respond to the call in the East — Russia,” said Wark.

12 may in Romania was opened first base the US missile defense in Eastern Europe. On duty there 24 delivered the SM-3 missile, the Aegis radar and tracking equipment. The operational management is carried out by the base of the U.S. Navy. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stressed that the deployment of the system does not threaten Russia.

At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that due to deployment bases, Russia has to think about how to stop threats to national security. “Recent developments indicate that the situation is not getting better. Unfortunately, it is getting worse, now having in mind the introduction in Romania the radar as one of the elements of the future missile defense system USA”, — he said. Putin believes that the deployment of missile defense in Europe — “this is not a defensive system, it’s part of strategic nuclear potential of the United States on the periphery”.