The police have recorded a decrease in the average bribe in early 2016

In the first quarter of 2016, the amount of the average bribe in Russia amounted to 145, 4 thousand rubles, said at a press-conference head of the main Directorate for economic security and combating corruption of the interior Ministry (Quebec) Andrew Kurnosenko.

The average size of bribes for 2015 amounted to 188.5 thousand rubles, he added. This figure rose to 70% for the year. The average size of commercial bribery, according to him, increased to 203 thousand rubles in 2015.

“The growth of the average bribe [in 2015] characterizes the level of our professional activities. We began to get to all the officials, taking large bribes,” he said, Kurnosenko.

In April the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika noted the growth of the average bribe amounts to 212 thousand rubles (in 2014 – 139.3 thousand rubles). Various data on the average bribe law enforcement due to the fact that Quebec is concentrated only on the most serious crimes, said Kurnosenko.

According to him, in 2015, his unit had identified a total of 75 thousand crimes of an economic nature, the damage which amounted to 218 billion rubles of this amount were able to repair the damage by 87 billion rubles, said the Deputy head of administration Yevgeny Lukin. Growth on this indicator made 55%.

In the financial sphere investigated nearly 23 thousand crimes, in particular, with the withdrawal from the country. All of Russia had been withdrawn more than 700 billion rubles., said, Kurnosenko. Also the Main Directorate of economic security revealed 2006 crimes in the sphere of housing and communal services. “A considerable part of them is associated with an unreasonable increase in the size of maintenance and repair houses,” he explained, Kurnosenko.

In military-industrial sphere was revealed 117 crimes (+8,3%), and the size of the damage amounted to over 1.5 billion rubles.

A quarter — thousand to 5 — increased the number of tax crimes. Of these, 1847 cases of tax evasion. Because the law provides an exemption from liability if the defendant had to pay damages, then in such cases was attracted by only 424 people, Poyang, Kurnosenko.

The growth in the number of offences in the management of be celebrated in 2016. According to Guebipk, in the first quarter by 60% to 2096 — increased the number of economic crimes committed by organised groups. And in the sphere of military-industrial complex investigated 62 of the crime.